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Card I know I need to work both nerds gone with even a nerd what is happy login help you know again anyway John that's a John is everybody and he directed the lying king the live actually directed a live action jungle book he is the writer and executive producer of the upcoming Star Wars series the Mandalorian so that's who we as I just wanted to give you all some contact he directed this law this version like yeah yeah like this guy jungle book is just also one of my favorite re me too me too what is that after we started you know with own Vince Vaughn as far as like he was an actor and that's how we all probably knew or got to know John Fabbro than these get out but on friends he played was at Monica's boyfriend yeah and then he got into the where he really makes his money in China I don't have a great actor but still producing directing everything we do he has his hand Kimmel said as much as like whoa you have some fun projects like this dude is living and he also said something that I thought that suggests a really good way to put it Kimmel was like what's it like working on the Star Wars show and John says it is like dumping your toy box full of the Star Wars action figures on the floor and getting getting to play with them as an adult I got chills when he said that because that's that resonates with me that would be I know that feeling I know doing of dumping action figures on the on the floor and starting an adventure and I and I thought that's yeah so yeah love said two things that really resonated all Laurie Julia said some things that resonated with us and yeah all we're gonna talk about that when we come back don't forget thanks to those who shared videos of a neutral source pet foods video submissions page for the cat video festival if your entry is selected you'll be contacted by the cat video festival staff in advance and we say cat video festival sap even though that sounds fancy it's really just broken Jess now to get your tickets out more info at my talk with a seven one dot com key word cats five forty three will be back after these words thanks for listening.

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