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Kids media i think do feel a sense of obligation to you know make sure that it's that it's good for kids and they had no idea they were sending such a negative message to kids about the value of girl so we've seen a lot of improvement already there's now two girl dogs on papa troll that's a one hundred percent increase what how that's breaking news from the parenting frontlines davis let's have list probably i've had something to do with it i have to get you up to canada and you gave those patrollers taste of your mind that's right right husky named everest but it's much more efficient to use the research that way instead trying to educate the entire populous it's efficient and they don't feel threatened i never bust anybody publicly or talk about a particular movie that didn't do good job so it's a it's a great relationship tell me why you've chosen that path why don't you bus people publicly talk about particular shows that do a bad job like papa troll just made a nice improvement we courage because i don't think in this case it would work that well i was very aware that the screen actors guild the directors guild they all published the numbers every year they have women's committees on the you know in the writers guild the directors guild and whatever and the numbers never seemed to move in fact the the percentage of female characters in films has been exactly the same since nineteen forty six so we're talking about seven decades stagnation utter stagnation so i felt that i had to try different kind of pro and plus out to keep working for these people so you know i i keep a very friendly relationship with everybody is bullseye i'm jesse thorn i'm talking to the actor gene davis she's been an advocate for gender equality and representation in hollywood and she founded the gena davis institute on gender in media she also founded the bentonville film festival which promotes women and diverse voices in film festival takes place this week i feel like i read a story about you showing up to work on thelma and louise and.

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