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There's a possibility that maybe we don't have the assets to get to yet. But perhaps the very thing that informs us of what we need to do to get the assets that puts us in a place where weekend than look at what we're proposing actually believe that it's possible in a faster pace than we just need to prepare well and make sure that we have the path moving from where we are to where we want to get to and we understand what the process of getting from where we are to where we want to get to is gonna look like so that we don't talk ourselves out of things when things start to appear differently than we anticipated. I want to circle back to what we started off the importance of having elder right. 'cause in especially america this is how idea. This myth of the self made man verses having a championship team. So i'm curious. No you tie that out the role of the elder evolution of someone who's been there a competitor. now your elder in wisdom. I mean And then how to. How your elder. How do you help another to be part of their championship team in help them evolve the way that i look at it. Is that When we're born we we all have a human nature in that. Human nature has two parts to it to mentalities actually we have a human mindset mentality. That's our natural survival instincts that we have that are used in times of imminent danger whether it's psychological or whether it's physical bat this faster than we can think that gets us out of harm's way which which we obviously need in critical situations but it's designed only to create and produce survival. It's not a good recipe for creating a life of excellence and that's where the second mentality comes into it. Which are champions mine. The human mind set or human nature way responding to live that comes naturally. Us is pre programmed into us. It's on twenty four hours a day. You can't shut it off. It's all along and it is responsible again for getting us out of harm's way the biology is that it's faster than we can think. Have you ever said anything to somebody that you regretted saying after you setup before said he thought it was going to be really awesome but it ended up being just the opposite while doubts all the time off like an all of it. So that's that's really a really good example of this high speed survival reflexes. We have with innocence faster than we think we didn't ask for that. That's hardwired into our biology just the way it is but we do. Have the champions mind. And the champions mind is a living breathing capacity supercomputer beyond supercomputer that can route at it interpret store and transmit information purposeful information selected to be conveyed in a very certain way. And that's a evolutionary more recent part of us that's not survival directed but it's all about creating a life excellence in meaning a contribution.

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