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A lot. I know that we created in Weimar scheme that leads are so much more. Healthier and safer as we go into the season. So you've been uncomfortable with the idea of college football being played at all. Since the minute we flipped our microphones on this show August seventeenth does what he said make you feel any better as a parent as a person. Everybody's been playing now. So everything I was talking about a couple months ago s out the window I'm not even they're playing what can I say and I think that's what Kevin Warren says I can't take the lash back from the fans if everybody's playing games are being delayed postponed but eventually being played, all the money is coming in and we should mention I just hope that they take care of the players for their futures. Hope they figured out. Yes. And we should mention big ten again. Tonight. Illinois Wisconsin Wisconsin big threat in the big ten west is always tomorrow. Go lovey Smith. Let's go Illinois Great Year last year knocked off state is thirty point underdog people were wondering whether it'd be had it great? You'RE GONNA have sixty, one, six game for them. He was on the verge of getting fired and they went to a bowl game until one of the biggest upsets in college football thirty years that qualifies. But a great year they were like six games for them. It's been great. It's been a long kirk kitchener ain't walking through that door right? Big Ten big games this weekend Michigan Minnesota. That's game. Day will be Saturday night football as well and Ohio state the return of a playoff contender and a heisman trophy candidate. In Justin field excited about either one of those tomorrow I, WanNa see Ohio state only because they have been one of premier programs for very long time in College Football Justin fields did not he did not opt out it's. Like, he stayed with the course, this is what he wanted to do now gets opportunity on the big stage to do it all over again and hopefully get his team back in the final four and remember fields joined us on the very first day of keyshawn Jalen Zubin putting out a petition thing we gotta get back. We gotta get back. We gotta get back well guess what that perseverance paid off and the big ten is back again tonight we'll see Wisconsin. We'll see Michigan play Minnesota. Tomorrow Ohio state take on Nebraska still to come. One in six for the giants and key says Joe Judge so far not so bad thanks for listening to Keyshawn Jay Williams two-bit make sure to subscribe rate in review. You can hear the show live weekdays at six eastern on ESPN radio ESPN news for we ever you stream your audio..

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