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One Gig to the home. The reality is you're next hop from there is likely not giving you that capacity upstream. the one, hundred megs you the spot for the home because naturally, you can't consume one GIG. From somewhere far away on usually people do speed tests the service providers kind of optimize for that they run speed tests closest to your home. So it looks like you're getting a GIG and in reality are but the reality is most your content this summer further away. But back to your question, it's not a technology problem. It's a business problem right and the question then is Two ways about it right. They can start making a consumption-based saying, Hey, I'm fine I'm I'll let you start sending a lot more traffic upstream, but we gotta go to a usage based model therefore instead of the all you can eat model where you're paying fifty sixty month and maybe twenty dollars extra month. To get unlimited because they do have a ub I model today the they of cap you naturally this increase that cap rate. So now people. So you and I. For example, we decide to run some some type of distributed technology in our home whether it's store try and I know there's tons of others are there Traffic to go up in an order of magnitude like five six times we a you and I might have to start paying two, three, four, hundred dollars a month if that's how the Serbs fighters react in order to fund the infrastructure builds. So. The question now is what what's the incentive for me to pay that four hundred a month am I making that kind of money by running this infrastructure enabling these services in my home? That's one way about it and other way about it is they they introduce themselves into the value chain. See One argument I tend to make is. been so commoditised as as a as a an operator, one way to reintroduce themselves the value chain because everything's over the top now whether it's a Netflix that's running and producing content whether it's Twi-. Leo Providing very similar functionality to a telco whether it's aws, GCP Amazon or sorry a google. All these guys are literally reaping the benefits of the infrastructure. These these companies have built out over the last twenty years. You know it's you want to figure out a way if you want to compete with them, therefore align yourself the center. So there's two ways of going out at honestly, I, don't see them as forward thinking like that. Therefore, the natural progression I see happening and charging you and I'm more Therefore, the question then becomes that cost that we pay extra per month are we reaping the benefits of those costs with whatever incentive we've been given to run? Those services in our home. That's kind of how I see a plan out at least in the short to midterm. Puts a new spin on kind of if I. Look at like foul cornflakes. For example, right? The requirements resources required run A. For Val Corner or pretty extensive meaning that you need some type of. Organization. Capital and access A. Pretty specialized hardware in order to participate in the validation process. Leaning towards people. Like larger corporations actually doing it maybe something that I want to be involved in in terms of service, they provide the process of like reduce themselves back in the jinx I'm not gonna be able to do that. Do. You feel like. That's something people have caught onto and they're trying to get in there. Just kind of a consequence of decisions they made an analysis protocol. It's the consequences it'll be no shit moment. Honestly in business. That's usually when it comes to like someone until it's a unless it's painful. Usually when there's pain therefore does a problem and if there's a problem, there's value to be inserted in order to address it therefore to make money. That's how at least I mean not to be so basic about it is there's always the aspirational you want to focus on the big vision, but ultimately the day day-to-day in terms of execution people tend to focus on what's the pain portrait today I mean I've had these discussions I've tried to bring it up into space. Like give you a perfect example right in. Two thousand ten thousand nine wireless networks literally tipping over right. There were literally falling over there on fire and everyone whether people remember it or not. It was very simple to let what happened. Why was why was doing that very simple, any wireless network today or any wireless device that you have at home Any every session that you create a like if you go to You know the big box dot. com. It will likely probably create twenty thirty TCP sessions weather stalled a little ad trackers in the background..

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