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They are elite. not joe. Flacco is elite elite. They are top notch top upper-echelon elite and they'll be in every single game. Think about how horrible. The steelers offense wasn't the first half. Just think about fifty four total yards in the first half offensively. What kept the steelers in the game. Their defense what provided a the spark that the steelers needed a more than one occasion. The defense with his fourth down stops things like that so rest easy knowing that but the last thing i want to talk about before we get to winners and losers is my gosh steeler fans if you are listening to this podcast and you consider yourself part of my ride or die crew in my ride i cruise rules are simple. You have to listen to all my shows. Which are monday wednesday and friday and on top of that you have to bleed black and gold. Pittsburgh steelers black and gold. That's those are the only criteria to be a part of my writer. Dr drew now. I don't. I don't expect my writer darker to agree with everything that i say. That would be boring. I don't wanna live in a world like that where we all agree on everything. That's boring but what i do. Hope is that when you listen to some things that i say you can take it. Digest it in learn something or if not learn something. Maybe that's not the best word. Maybe it's at least kind of say. Oh that's a good point. I didn't think of it that way. What am i talking about the first half of this game. I just mentioned fifty four. Total offense yards. The steelers are down ten to nothing at halftime. They're wrapped to get the football back to start the third quarter because they deferred the opening coin. Toss in my mentions are just an off about steeler fans. This team's awful. This team's lousy team stinks. They're not gonna win games. Although bala i could go on and on in all i keep saying is i told you people that this was going to be ugly at times. I said be prepared for a bumpy road. I use the analogy of an airplane flight. That has turbulence. You might still get where you want to go. But it might be a bumpy ride. That was week one in buffalo. If we're using that plane analogy still holy cow. Takeoff was not pretty midway point. Still not good but you know what they got through the turbulence. They landed that sucker and we got to where we wanted to go. And that's a win. It's not always going to end that way. The the end result is not necessarily one week. It's not one game. It's going to be the season. it's going to be the playoffs. It's going to be a playoff run. It might be a super bowl. Goodness gracious. I going to get that far down the road but you get what i'm saying. Everyone with a brain in between their ears should know that. What did you expect if you're someone that was watching this game in the first half and you were utterly disgusted. What did you expect. Did you expect the detroit. Lions third preseason game. Because let's not forget. The lines are playing their subs steelers. Were playing their starters in. That's what it looked like. Is that what you expected for them to come out against the buffalo bills who were thirteen and three team last year in their house. First time with fans two thousand nineteen. You can say what you want about bills mafia. I know i just did. But they are a rabid fan base. They are a rabid loyal fan base. They're going to be there. They're going to be loud. They're going to be proud to wear their blue black. Whatever colors red white and blue. I think probably the order they said. But what did you expect. It wasn't going to be easy and it wasn't going to be pretty but they got to win so next time. They play week to. Las vegas raiders. Come to heinz field. You need to adjust your expectations. You can expect a win. But don't expect perfection because it's not going to happen now with this team early in the season. Not what this offensive line if after week. Three's act banner returns in all of a sudden. They have some flexibility on the offensive line. That might change things a little bit. But until then that offensive. Line's going to have some growing pains. They're going to struggle the defense still going to have to keep them in games. This is sh or not is because that would be really hasty on my part. This should be a general understanding amongst fan base yet. Some are not on the same page will just put it that way. All right enough of iran's let's get to the winners and losers like i said nine winners and three losers i'm gonna go through probably three or four winters. Take a break. We're gonna finish up in the second half. Okay let's start off. You might be thinking. I know we're just gonna start off. He's going to start off with mister. Trent jordan watt. That's tj what nominee tj while. But i wanna start with someone else cam sutton camp sutton top my winners list in this. What does it. I don't rank the winners in case you've ever read my article rank winters. I literally just things myself after the game. Who stood out to me as a winter. Cam sutton stood out to me as a winner. Yes i understand. He gave the touchdown. Pass the touchdown pass to from josh allen. To gabriel davis. I believe i could have given name wrong. Anyways cam sutton. They'll also had provided some really big plays for the steelers none larger than the fourth down fourth in one. He stayed on his keys. Read the play perfectly goes in gets a defensive stop turnover on downs. Endow was the turning point in my opinion. Where at least for me. I was sitting there thinking. Wow this game could really flip at this point. The steelers had all the momentum. And cam sutton played great. I thought he had a great defensive break-up pass break up earlier in the game. I think the past was intended for stefan digs. He is showing the steelers in cuba of the steelers coaching staff for utilizing him in a way they can maximize his impact on the game. Put it that way. And that's the. Jeffrey benedict is highlighted. Us in the slack. Channel that the steelers essentially these traynor would. We'll get traynor. Would here in a second as nickelback. And then when they went to the dime they brought pierre in on the outside. They put northern kept norwood in the slot and they moved camp sutton. It is usual dime rolled. His versatility is meant to be utilized. And that's the steelers are doing so cam sutton's on the winters list. Next is mr trent. Jordan watt t. j. watt. His dad line. I forgot cam sutton stack stat line. By the way let me go. Back five tackles five. Solo tackles two pass. Defenses in two tackles for loss. So good day for cam sutton tj wad stat. Line three tackles three solo two sacks one tackle for loss and five quarterback hits if there was ever a player. That as you're sitting there and you're watching the game and you're thinking. Wow how is this guy gonna play like what's he gonna look like. We haven't seen him in the preseason. We haven't seen him in team also people that went to training camp practices at heinz field. They didn't get to see. Tj what they didn't see him bust up najji harrison the backfield in tackling alive. Eleven on eleven drew. He didn't participate is going to be rusty houses conditioning. Going to be He's okay we'll put it that way. Okay to sex. For what my gosh. He harassed josh allen all game. He wasn't alone but ultimately in he was getting held. A ton in they did call several holding penalties against buffalo. But let me say this. Not enough but tj watt boy catalyst. He said he was fresh after the game when he spoke with media felt fresh ultimately though t. J..

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