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Monday mostly jews was and then he must reading an article recently cuma where was still but he basically made the point the you can't understand how big neil diamond once was because you sort of think of neil diamond is this kind of forrest gump character he's cannot always around but apparently there was a time when neil diamond's the speaking of neil diamond for being jewish on the subject of perverse incentive incentives are unintended consequences there is something known as the streisand can affect in that is the idea that the harder you tried to hide information facts details a picture the more likely you are to bring it to more people's attention and the reason was but if i got the store right barbra streisand the there will pictures that were taken of heard malibu a state does she didn't want those pictures to be revealed so i think she filed a lawsuit she took great pains to keep them from being revealed in that of course brought more attention to the pictures that nobody would cared about the first damn place so the point was you know who else had that effect it could be called the oscar wilde effect ramon do i need to tell you that story or do you remember it i've told the story ten times so oscar wilde was the dinner the most sought after dinner guest in all of of london noise irish very well to do family had a lot of money man of great stature uh.

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