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Book should be a very entertaining divisional round coming up next Saturday or this coming Saturday and Sunday the jets continue to look for a head coach. And they were different reports. I know my garafolo of the NFL network said that they had dinner, and it was great. And it was awesome than Jason lockenfora came on the NFL today said maybe not so great between Mike McCarthy and the jets. So I don't know exactly what the situation is there. But it seems like Mike McCarthy's gonna want some power as we all knew when it comes to the roster. Now, what I want to know is the college coaches that get talked up so much like how does this? How does this happen is this guessing on the part of some of the reporters, or is it someone within the organization that is trying to posture to put some of these name? Out there because there was I know my niece has been all over this. And this really isn't a criticism of him. Although I've had others in the past. I'm just curious. Healy writes, a whole big thing about cliff Kingsbury how this is the guy for the jets now USC's not allowing cliff Kingsbury to interview for head coaching jobs because he's their offense coordinator right now. So there's that then he writes something about Mike McCarthy saying do you want an old unimaginative offense you want this? And then he tweeted something out about you know, Matt role as the head coach and Dirk Carter, maybe being the offensive coordinator, whatever else. Matt rule hasn't even interviewed yet. So I just I guess my question to you is since you've been around this longer is with these names that are surfacing that. We never even thought of being a possibility. Yes for the jets and maybe for an interview fine. But to actually be the head coach and Kingsbury enroll where is that coming for? All right. It's coming from one of two places. It is either coming from the agents side where the agent wants to throw names out there and a lot of these media types like the Jason lockenfora of the world than the Adam schefters of the world. You know, they'll talk to the agents. It's just like the baseball writers talking to Scott bores. I want four hundred million Brodie bandwagon and the agents saying give me an extension, but Brody van wagon and the jam saying well now, we're not going to do that. So, you know, the agent is out there talking that's one avenue for information. And as long as you get information from somebody connected to that coach, then that gives them the. Right to go out there and talk about it and rumor monger, and all that other stuff. Now, that's one part of it. That's fine. And get the agents. Gotta do the do, you know the job for his client, the part of all of this which really sucks in the NFL is if it comes from with inside the building. So if there's somebody that is trying to create a narrative locally through the papers through our show through ESPN through anybody else out there. Because they want to protect their own interests. That's the ugly part of it. And that's where you hope it's not coming from. So all right. So if for example, someone trying to protect their own interests, you would think you would be especially when it comes to the college coaches somebody already has a job that they like. Together. Right. That would not want someone to come in. Like a Mike McCarthy is gonna have a lot of power. They prefer the college coaches getting this big opportunity in the NFL that they'd be able to control a little bit more. Yeah. So let's let's leaks something to menagerie. How about this guy? How about that guy? Put the Scott. Like this guy. We're friends with you know, it's also could be friends to that could be somebody internally as friends with one of these potential candidates out of the box candidates. If you will. And you know, it's again, it's about self preservation now. And you hope that that's not going on. What you want is. What ultimately I think Christopher Johnson wants what you know, John marijuana for the giants last year. What any one of these other seven other teams want for their franchise? You want the best fitting coach for your team? And who is that coach? Now, the jets have gone down the coordinator role now and the first time head coach role. I'm like six times here. You know what I mean? You know, you go back to her Edwards. Rex Ryan, Eric man genie, of course, Todd Bowles. I mean, they are littered with guys just like that. And that's why I think the jet fan is very worried about not jet fans. I've just had the far majority of jet fans are worried that they're going to screw this up because there are going to be the people that are they're going to be unwilling to yield some of the power that is needed to attract one of these top head coaches. So again, I don't know about all the relationships. I don't know if McCarthy has a relationship with McKesson, I have no idea of Harbaugh has a relationship. I'm sure they all know each other from league circles. But I also know that if you are a coach that is worth something, especially a credible coach that has the credibility that both McCarthy and Harbaugh have the jets want that for a reason you're going to have to acquiesce, I believe to those coaches and give them what they want. If you want them to come here in the Matt role name has been out there. And he did a great job at temple. He spent a one year with the giants before he went to. The temple job as the head coach at temple. Went there after adagio. So I was under adagio then adagio was the coach who went to Boston College. And then they reach back to get him and bring him back there because he obviously knew temple new rhymes going on new the roster and probably was very good recruiter in the northeast area. Right. And then he ended up taking the Ballard our main. Well, yeah, I I don't know. I mean, so nobody was really looking to take that job points Hempel to Baylor. I mean, listen Baylor was before it came crashing down with that horrible story in Briars and everything else. I mean, they were right there in the big twelve and they triple his salary or something. I mean, I would think they probably did because they were looking for a head coach to take them through that deal. They'd probably made a ton of money because of the success that they had those previous years, and they didn't lose a lot of it. I mean, it lost a lot of credibility and everything else. He had a bad first year had to clean it all up and then last eleven the last year this past year had a much better year. So you could obviously that wherever he goes the team definitely gets better, at least at the college level. But you know, like, I would think that you would leave temple for a commit western job. Or maybe as maybe as far south as like North Carolina Virginia something like that was an odd higher at the time. He's also northeast guy. It's not like he was a Texas guy. Yeah. Right. At not a Texas guy ended up at temple. I mean guy has been a he was born in New York. So I mean, I I don't know. I just to me it's just another one he situations. Like Matt rule might be a great fit for a different organization at a different time in their history. With the New York Jets have to go with a more proven commodity at the NFL level right now then cliff kings barrier. Matt rule or whomever else thing too is. I'm sure Christopher Johnson is being besieged. Sd? By recommendations from people in these coaches lives. So Tom Kaufman. I'm sure sticking up for Matt role. Wherever Matt rule may be he may be he may have been the guy that called boards at higher this guy because he he'll get the job done for you. Who knows? So there's also that part of the equation as well, we're all the recommendations and everything coming from. But I would just say that if you see something in the newspaper, and it seems like it's out of the blue that means somebody's leaking something which is really the ugly part of this whole thing, which is one of the biggest problems the jets have had for many years. Yeah. I know Phil Simms has a positive things to say about rule. I don't think he was advocating for him to get hired by the jets, but in his dealings with him in the show that we did with Phil on New Year's Eve. He said that. Yeah. During his passing camp that Matt rule was a guy that you could tell us a little bit of parcels in in the way that he has got the jersey he's got the northeast jersey, New York kind of feel Thome. Plus, he's range. Fan. So I like that. Okay. Mic is in union, New Jersey. What's going on, Mike? What's going on? What's up, man? Nobody's talking about for head coaching style. What about Jack del Rio? Well, there's a reason nobody's talking about it. Or is that? How successful was in in Oakland. Nobody still want a lot of games. They're looking at. I mean Oakland socks now Oakland's going through a rebuild. Reject Oriole was the coach there when they had that one good season during the Derek Carr injured, the broken leg. I think the knock on del Rio is that he doesn't run the tightest of ships. And if you're the New York Jets, you don't bring in a guy who's going to be running a loose ship. That's the other thing too. You know, if I'm sitting down with Mike McCarthy, which they did this weekend. I wanna make sure Mike McCarthy wants to be all in, you know. No. We're talking about big money here p Carroll just a an extension for eleven million dollars a year. And I wanna make sure that you know, wherever I'm talking to is coming here. Roll their sleeves up and go toe to toe with Bill ballot. Check. That's why I know that John Harbaugh will do that. I know that he will come in here, and he will compete within this division. And you know, he'll go toe-to-toe McDermott who I think is a terrific coach for buffalo, and he'll go toe-to-toe and not be intimidated at all by by Bill Belichick, and he's not gonna come in here talking about kissing rings. And all that other stuff. He's got a professionally come in here and be the head coach that every jet fan would want. The question is can you get him? And is he willing to come to New York? Yeah. I mean, it's more likely than not though that he's going to be released from his contract there though. Right. I mean, I I I mean, there's more likely days, it's more likely that he stays I. The Jessica cryptically like the way he was talking yesterday was like a safe way of saying that if I stay I stay because I'm going to get what I want. You know, and that's going to be good. It had some conversations, you know, where did those conversations lead? Are they going to be five years fifty five million dollars? I mean, he basically is done what p Carroll's done. Sure. Right. I mean almost exactly right now, you think about it. I mean, Pete Carroll got to another Super Bowl and John Harbaugh just the one that he won. And I know that because Ozzie Newsome has had so much success with selecting players down there. I think Ozzy would probably the one that was controlling the fifty three man roster. Now, Eric pastas taking over who controls the roster who's deciding that and as John Harbaugh going to take the orders from that GM. I don't know. I don't know about those relationships. Those are all the things that, you know, Steve the shot at the owner of the Baltimore Ravens has got to figure out, but we're in GO on the fan CBS sports network. Come right.

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