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I believe their third show since restrictions have eased up in the midst of all of this pandemic that's been going on, and it's a big one gw homecoming live streaming on fight, TV, and joining me right now to talk about that and so much else per wrestling superstar, the one and only EFI is here, EPI. How are you today? Yeah, I really good now. Sympathy told me a superstar. That's incredible. How do you feel as though you're a superstar? You are a a iconic mentioned it earlier on, not only are you creating such an incredible presence? Obviously LGBTQ, community, as far as I'm concerned with what you had planned this year during Wrestlemania weekend I looked at it as a independent wrestling icon that you have become in a very short period of time, my friend. I think I'm like my dad a little bit and when I'm in my work, my nose down. It's like what's next. What's next like what tricks up my sleeve? Three months from now so I never liked taking in the appreciation of what's actually happening, but obviously there's been growth I feel the growth. We sold tickets at the event. That unfortunately didn't get to happen that. I think we're going to be sort of the most unique event of the weekend because it was a lot of unknown names, a lot of people in the. Community, that hadn't had a stage clashing sort of with the regulars, and and having that in a big Florida city in the middle of Wrestlemainia I would have been an important step, but now you know we've got the chance to rebuild it and get some more people on the map, too. So I'm not too worried. One name that you had and obviously we have so much to talk about with Uber One name that was going to appear on that show certainly put on. I don't know if it was the performance of his career, but I would argue that it was certainly the performance of his career in aws last night on dynamite, sunny kiss and cody Rhodes. What did you think about sunny last night? And how his progress has come along? Sunny is someone that likes from the moment you. During the locker room and there's a magnetism around them. There's a sort of just physical charisma about signing the smile personality, the physical presence, and so to see him on a big cable television network, fighting for a championship with you know one of the bigger former WWE I. It's very It's rewarding, and it's uplifting, and it should kind of give a spark. Spark of hope to everybody there and it was wonderful. Cody. Kinda come out on the ledge and say hey I. IF YOU'RE GONNA if you're gonNA. Come here, talking crap, then you're going to have a problem with me. You're going to have to take me on. Because these are my performance, I believe in, and those are the kinds of allies chances we need. How has everything kind of come along? Because you have not been in this game for a long period of time, but you really seem to have come along at the right time, and there's a lot of people where. More of the acceptance in the wrestling community of people who are. Either different or unique, or whatever it is just a opening across the board for a lot of different things whether it be race, creed culture, whatever it is, and obviously the gay community and professional wrestling for a long time has been pushed to the side. It has always been there, but it has always been boxed into a corner, and since have started in the last couple of years. How has how have you seen grow? Grow and you know. How have you seen it for the community? I mean from my point of view sitting in from the outside. It seems like a lot of great progress has been made, but obviously you know the progress gets shiny, but some of the the hard work underneath you know gets missed, and what have we? What have you learned and what has wrestling learned as in this last couple of years have grown. I think wrestling is a business is always fun to look at it and I. Think it's always a when you're looking entertainment, and what people are spending their money on it that good financial look at what is popular, and what is happening and what I saw in the last few years is a lot of these that were mainstay promotions that we're bigger. Independence didn't necessarily change with the Times, and they financially suffered from it. It and all the time ever thinking. Hey, we can't have gay people in our circus, GonNa, come in to see the game people to burn coming to the people who are gender non binary. They're not coming to see trans talent. Once we created an environment that was safe for people to come enjoy those athletes. We saw an increase in the promotions that were bringing people in. That didn't necessarily bring as many of them in. In before and taking these steps to say, maybe it wasn't Maybe it wasn't that there aren't gay wrestling fan. Maybe they couldn't come into this building. Maybe they didn't feel safe. In these places, so like creating a wrestling environment that is safe for everyone to come into no matter how you identify no matter who you are no matter if you're no matter if you have a disability, creating a safe zones brings more people. People in the companies that have taken that part's stance against homophobia against racism against sexism have seen an increase because people feel safe coming to wrestling now, and they wanna come see deep athletes that look like that represent them, and that are a little more show implant point that years ago. Maybe it wouldn't have been the top on the car, but it's because people couldn't get into the building to see it without feeling uncomfortable. How his game changer wrestling, been able to help that along because I. Look at you know there's a lot of great independent wrestling promotions out there beyond and W, and defy, and there are just so many all over the place and Game Changer, though to me has done the most unique job of faming shows in really doing the best job on the independent scene of kind. Kind of you know in their own way Lhasa wing groups of people and kind of bringing together whether they realize it or not, by having a different types of of themed shows, attitudes and being what seems to me to be quite progressive and how they look at things. What is it like to work with them? Because I know you were working in conjunction with them, Wrestlemainia. How do you look at that promotion and where it fits on the independent wrestling scene?.

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