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Nikos? United fullbacks equalize top-scorer Mosala had to go off to a head injury. But then a player who's only really played supporting roller season only eleven appearances in the primarily he popped up with this precious goal late on in the game Shaquille delivery. Devote a reggae with the score there on eighty six minutes finished three two to the ball. And that was enough a yoga club side to go back to the top of the table game. Have to stay Tom OPEC stayed calm down. They could make top subs-. What's really have put in these situations? Obviously tested. Freekick sensational. Had bought a goal reunites moment so situation Jillian Liverpool. Top of the table ninety four points with one game to play Manchester City ninety two points too much is left and the first of those time to Leicester City tomorrow the race for top full finish. This is champion league qualification. Of course, two more spots to fill four teams with a chance told them Hotspur could've wrapped up one of those places yesterday, and rather spectacularly didn't nice defeat from the Joseph was not for the I had to place sent off yesterday. And then it conceded down to nine men for. Four fifty minutes of the match, but the conceded a stoppage time goal in losing hill. Bomb of captain. He goes to reach the French will cut winning goalkeeper playing Titus coming from all those big matches that suppose been playing instead hybrid turn around at one deficit at I acts on Wednesday and all its Trump's the Champions League final. But today's action in the primarily sees Chelsea gays. What for Manchester United Huddersfield, and our snow taken on price and looking at some of the other games. Well, mentioned that the Champions League is semi finals in midweek. Spanish league champions, bustle only yesterday decided rest a whole host of that talent, including Linda messy, and that came on stuck in the Spanish league beating two at Celta Vigo, Andy thank you very much with the latest sports..

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