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They will soiree we had cake and whiskey, Barry's place crazy party Bill. But you know what I discovered that, that whiskey that, that you brought I didn't drink any more than I normally would which is usually not to excess, I'll drink. I can sort of. No. I pay this much, and then I should stop because I will feel crappy in the morning if I don't but I felt crappy in the morning and I still feel crappy. And I looked at up that whiskey is one hundred and fourteen proof really, yes. Oh fifty seven percent. All if you don't know how proof works. What whatever? The proof is if he's eighty proof. What that means is that it's. Forty percent alcohol the beverage that you're enjoying his forty percent alcohol that's done for spirits wine. They usually just put the percentage of alcohol in it like twelve percent or fourteen percent or whatever it is. Sneaked up on you. But yes, I thought I thought, well, this is really good. I thought it tastes strong, but that could be just the way it's, you know, distilled, and I went home. It's called Noah's mill I wanted to. And you can't you can't buy it around here. And knows. And I looked it up and it has great reviews and says, but beware. It says beware it packs, a punch, you know, and it's funny because it doesn't I looked all over the bottle, and it doesn't have a proof on the bottle anywhere. Which I think is at least I couldn't see it where. But it's it's required here. Lionel has the Mathematica quesion for proof here, the higher, the number the more proof, you are drunk. So this was fifty seven percent outcome. That's a hundred most spiritual drink are eighty eighty to ninety proof. There's a there's a wild Turkey. That's a high proof to. I usually buy old forester, because it's a hundred proof which is pretty pretty high. That's pretty high. That's pretty strong. And I'm used to that. But one hundred fourteen no, I'm not used to that. So. I'm in trouble. I know I'm just saying you, well, you're a little bit in trouble because you shouldn't send it home with me. Because I because I, I finished it up. Not. You finish that whole bottle since Tuesday Gina, there was about a quarter of bottle left. We opened at Carey. I don't remember how much there was a quarter two third of a bottle left and since I had another couple of brings when I went home. And that was my fatal mistake. Right there, because you'd already had yes. Had I'd had just enough. Just I'm just tired because of life. There's no dues involved in it. This Mohammed soccer practice goes till eight thirty so you should be drinking last night, we had to power outage tweet about that, that didn't come on till like ten thirty. How did that disrupt? Your sleep. Well powers out of we'll go to bed. And she can you think because because why well powers can't do any can't watch TV and see this whole week by sleep structure, has been disrupted Tuesday night that we got we had the painting party last night. Tonight we've got you. October the bathroom, there was painting. And then tonight we got blue October. Which is worse, staying up for more sure. But right now, I'm thinking, how am I gonna make it? While the way I'm gonna make it as I'm gonna go directly home from the show and go to bed for a while. Can't do that kids. Get out of summer camp at eleven. Jones got a doctor appointment. I try to get a little bit of a nap today. Try. I won't succeed. I just know nap do you nap him better, your couch? See I get too comfortable in my bed. You like to be comfortable while you're taking a name, but I mean, like I get my bed, and I forget, what day it is. And what I heard of a nap, that's the couch, you kinda lightly does, but bed bed is serious suggest some one hundred one hundred. Somebody said there's a JR stag whiskey one hundred thirty two proof. You just wanna go blind. Is that what it is? Geez. All right..

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