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Jennifer aniston angelina jolie now that neither of them would be like that sad but based on their like history that's not a bad one african are never mind taking credit for that while the the the listeners sent me in the adot what you're vaujour teixido smartwater commercials pushy route generous enya um i think honestly i think john frames and center she doesn't have anything really going on i do i agree wakes she had friends in league than she done some movies or whatever but yeah we'll here's the deal with jennifer aniston is that i think she wants to be more of a movie star but she's more she's a tv stop she is a tvs and she doesn't translate to movies and she did a movie that she i i don't know if her performance was nominated i think it was or wasn't four things called cake the gun chaos yes yes and it was really dark raw yahya but she just like it's like she looks like she when she's doing originally desired it's like she's trying to look like an actress now but it doesn't come across snapped at assessing and into julie's currently all the children and she's like at the un neverland angelina jolie saturday hey kids i've socked with kids i'm sam yeah but she won she of bread per right wasn't the naming other divorced i know but i mean everybody shot at winning and because it's like she had him last year i guess.

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