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Of. Them is injury history but they have sat and they have waited. We have seen we have already seen vance mcdonald takeover game for the pittsburgh steelers in the highest possible time a playoff game against jacksonville two years ago sixteen targets ten receptions one hundred twelve yards seat and it's just one game. I get it but my point is. We've seen him takeover a game heath miller when when big ben actually had a pass catching tight end it was heath miller. This was a while ago he regularly saw excellent target shares including jason funding of the year you brought up when all three of them had over one hundred targets antonio brown mike wallace and heath miller. You realize jesse jesse. James started last year with the week one. He was the number eight tied in week. Two is the number to tighten. Yes look because big. Ben utilizes the tight end position and now that position belongs to vance mcdonald over the last two years. Only travis kelsey has more broken tackles at the position travis. Kelsey is a fulltime tight end vance mcdonald. Donald has not been over the last two years. Only george cadle has a better yards after catch last year twelve most receptions at the tight end eleventh most yards <music> at tight end position. He was the tight end ten in half point p p r scoring as a part time player. What do i mean andy by a part time player. He averaged fifty five percent of the snap. It didn't look like not enough right. Taiba tied in ten with fifty five by percents of the snaps. He's not playing no fifty five percent of pittsburgh snaps at the position this year. Can you stay healthy. I maybe whatever i heard that's the fifteen percent sure off the eighty five if he's playing he's going to break out is going to happen all right eighty five percent. That's our highest thus far. I'm i'm at about eighty percent on my pick so i think vance wins the day in terms of certainty factor and eh curtis samuel. You've heard a lot about samuel. It all comes down to one thing for curtis samuel this season which is to stay healthy healthy. He's twenty three years old. He's poised to make the leap. He's the talk of camp. He's an athletic freak that had transitioned from being kind of a running back hybrid guy into the wide receiver position but he missed ten games through the first two seasons due to injury so his health is the key to him actually paying off for you but but right now what i love about curtis samuel impart for the fantasy side is you gotta pay two more rounds to get d._j. More and i think much like you know. We've talked a little bit about golladay a._m. Marvin jones and like the the round gap is so significant between the two that there's going to be jones weeks and i don't just like d._j. More at all i think d._j. Moore has a great ceiling in the offense as well but you have you ever healthy cam newton and his main target is going to be d._j. More and curtis samuel on this offense along with christian mccaffrey obviously so you look at where does courtesy mule win on the football field this apart from the preseason hi this is apart from him being and arguably the best player in camp. He wins at every single level in every single route. If you look at reception perception seventy four point six percent success rate against man coverage..

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