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Give me be jim webb in the and the twelve says or not order magic bids for the last for the team didn't let them battle it tough as we think i hear you and i like that you get eleven is going at it because i think it so a better level of play what should mitts theoretically be the worst four teams in the tournament no because i don't i feel like those four games and i know vinci doubly doesn't call miss and the cream twenty cuomo's player they're playing games give it that's what this week's to be on the field to sixty why so we can get for more television games that that's what we did we uh for more television games in reality they are playing game platoon may be like a seventeen first sixteen image bracket they should be the worst eight teams in the it doesn't mean anything annoyed that big majoring to turn it to me the tournament starts when you're at sixty four not when you're at sixty eight we'll talk about this awesome more next week you don't look we're down to to the lead right that's good do for me thanks to ben to criticize the job fast thanks to the low thanks to all of you for listening calling could do it out to till next week moment of saying have you league everybody who doesn't love and see a a march madness you know why because it's also time for wording ladder madness that's right during the latter magnus you can find great deals on warner latter's when you're looking for a new step blatter extension latter work platform or the podium used to cut down the nets if you need a latter now is the a time march is the latter bad this.

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