Sean Acre discussed on SUCCESS Talks - Anne Grady on Building Resilience Through Gratitude


It requires you to really stop and think about what messages are keeping you stuck so that you can start to break those down and and exchange them with more productive thoughts and it's a daily practice of of one of these life skills that you don't learn in school and so it's a matter of like you said building that muscle of resiliency and and using gratitude and all of those other those skills to to get you there so an really great staff thank you so much but before we let you go get a few more questions would like to ask everyone here on success talks are you ready i'm ready what do you know now that you wish you knew then so i think that happiness happens in blips you know when we're kids were told you're going to grow up be successful live happily ever after and then when things don't go exactly according to plan we feel unsuccessful or a defeated instead of setting ourselves up for failure i think if we learn to appreciate moments of happiness those add up instead of feeling like we're doing something wrong when were not happy is searching for those moments that bring us joy and fulfillment and and spending more time thinking about those rather than all the reasons things aren't going well now i'm a big fan of sean acre and and his research around happiness and it it really is true most of us think while when i'm successful all be happy.

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