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Fell season BetOnline your online Sportsbook experts. So moving on to the to the and again, the reason I think the Patriots will be fine in this game. It's just going to break down of can they score enough is I don't believe I'm not a I'm not a a golf guy. I don't think anybody's a god everybody's really a golf guy. But I I just think that Belichick's going to Absolute. I mean, he's been living in his head for three years. I I still think he has the room and he's got the key and he wants to jump back in there and stay the night. That's what he's going to do on Thursday. And I do Wonder with McVeigh. I mean this was again to revisit the the Superbowl a manhood robbing experience for for McVeigh who really should have been able to do something different and didn't and it was I mean as as big a coaching mismatch on such a large stage as we age In there in terms of what the Patriots decided to do and how the Rams just could not crack it and so he's learned from that but it's also a different Rams team which means they're going to be defended differently than they were there but then it was fill those gaps..

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