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Dot com slash trial. Zip recruiter dot com slash trial. Taking a look at KSFO traffic sponsored by the California labor and Workforce. Development Agencies still closed and will be till 2 30 in San Jose is the Meridian Avenue offering from South bound to 80 as crews are doing work to remove a homeless encampment just re opening in the Santa Cruz Mountains South and 17 between Alma College Road and Summit Road. The right wing was closed for construction work, so you may have some residual delays. As they pick up that road work a palette in the right lane and Lafayette eastbound 24 after Oak Hill Road north bound to 80 and Daly's city on the north, and one connect a ramp it to stall blocking the right lane of that connect a ramp. If you get covered 19 at work. You have the right to take paid sick Leave if you're sick, Stay home and take care of your health and others around you to learn more about your workplace rights of his it d i r dot see a dot dove forward slash cove it with ksfo traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Me. Me. Me, me, me, but also you the Pharaoh fast forwards His favorite foreign film, Powdered doughnut. Okay, What's my line? Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. That's a tongue twister, huh? I'm sorry. I'm gonna need a few more minutes. Boo this well risk The bulbous, well written the name your price tool only from progressive afoul of the comatose coxswain Chris Casualty insurance company, The Gillian Special coverage, which limited mystic law. I like a bed that's really firm. I need something a little softer than that. Rest easy. But the sleep number 3 60. Smart bet you could both. Adjust your comfort with you. Sleep number said it didn't really help me fall asleep Faster. Yes. By gently warming your feet, Okay, But can it help? Keep us asleep? It's.

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