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My George is talking. Don't you do good morning from the excess Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom. I'm Mitch Clark. State election officials continue to feel confident. The recount of the presidential election will wrap up by tonight's midnight deadline. CNN's Rob Stadler with details So far, 43 of George's 159 counties have completed recounting presidential votes. Big counties are still trying to finish up the last one to get done looks to be Fulton. It led election workers go home early Sunday and last night today it's a marathon scanning ballots from this morning until 11 o'clock tonight. All these results will be posted on a special Website through the secretary of state's office. It's expected to go live sometime today. The female pedestrian who was hit by an issue V in Gainesville on Friday night, has died from her injuries. 59 year old Sheri Anderson was crossing Thompson Bridge Road near at a Vista circle around 7:30 P.m. when the accident occurred. Canceled. Police Lieutenant Kevin Holbrook says the other driver of the driver of the vehicle rather stopped to help and the charges will be filed. The Corona virus pandemic hasn't been easy for many hall, County businesses and green box mushrooms is no exception. Elizabeth Moon, president of the commercial Mushroom farm, since it's been difficult to find businesses who want to buy their growth there, Georgia grown oyster mushrooms this year. We kind of wrapped up to supermarket. That's far is getting out there to the restaurants. I mean, restaurants are not fully activation, either. So we're still under a kind of under the weather as you call it. To wherever you want to be. Moon says they're currently growing about £1000 of mushrooms at the facility on Athens Highway each week, but they are able to grow up to 1000 day, depending on demand. Ah, former Georgia state trooper accused of murder his being granted bond Jacob Thompson was charged in August with allegedly shooting 60 year old Julian Lewis during a traffic stop in Scriven County. He was granted $100,000 bond yesterday with stipulations he remained in the Ochichi judicial circuit. Bond was previously nine in September, and University of Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity is playing to retire at the end of the year. He's been athletic director since 2010 following the dismissal of Damon Evans. There's more news that access Wdun And now here's your Access. Wdun forecast 30 this morning Slow sunshine. Gusty West wins this afternoon high 42 little colder. Another freezing night 28.

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