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Very unfortunate He's got a lot of very wonderful ties to our community And the fact that he's a sounder owner Seattle sounder soccer As Wilson fires downfield Lockett he's got it The disappointment runs deep the winning started when Russell Wilson stepped on the field Aiden nakamura spent his childhood rooting for the quarterback Just sad I mean Seahawks decided that they wanted to keep their GM in their head coach instead of star quarterback but it's all right Nothing is forever especially in sports John libertini northwest news radio Fewer people are getting sick hospitals are getting some breathing room but the pandemic isn't over That's the message from snohomish county executive Dave summers who says we've reached a point where we can feel safe easing COVID health measures somers says even though the indoor mask mandate ends this weekend he hopes you'll remember there are still plenty of people at risk Across the state and the region there are still thousands of children younger than 5 who can not be vaccinated and there are people who have compromised immune systems because of underlying health conditions age or weak immune systems So there's still many many vulnerable people There's no home ish county's health officers as we need to remain vigilant and hang on to our masks so we're ready for a quick pivot if we get another surge or a new variant In industry that's been on the front lines of the indoor mask mandate will probably take a wait and see approach once the rule is lifted Ryan Harris has more It's the nature of bar restaurant and hotel operators to welcome you in says Washington hospitality association chief Anthony Anton So having to fight with customers over a state rule goes against that but Anthony tells me many of his members will wait and see how customers and workers approach this mask mandate milestone As for the change driving more people into those businesses he says it depends on the region While Anthony says Seattle has had more mass compliance but it's still short on people in buildings and especially on convention business And that will be the metric for them when those 48 floors above that main floor restaurant are actually full with people Anthony says in our area places are still as much as 20% short staff so he can't imagine any business taking steps that would drive their workers to.

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