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Officers injured the investigation has been turned over to other police agencies hospitals around the country are in financial trouble is covered nineteen expenses spike in revenue from elective medical procedures drops and that rear admiral Barbara Kell bottle is our director of our state's health system in response to the crisis in our collective interest to make sure that we're doing everything we can to keep our hospital system as robust as possible she says the federal government should help a struggling hospitals especially those in hard hit rural areas another Washington County voicing growing frustration over not being allowed to reopen for business use couples calling Johnson from the city councilman al Sorensen got some attention over his suggestion this week to speed up the re opening this three week waiting period of no new cases makes makes me think that maybe we shouldn't get tested LOC councilmember Dan record fired back come across as a bit reckless but I don't think we can sacrifice public health you you know this is forward governor Jay Inslee says until they go at least twenty one days with no new cases they cannot move to phase two where restaurants hair salons manufacturing can re open one new case and that three week wait let's start over Pullman's mayors of the countenance opinion was his own but he's also frustrated saying there's no reason they can't reopen faster given they've had no deaths in Whitman county and only sixteen total cases Carly Johnson komo news with a population of two hundred eighty five thousand Thurston county is far too big to qualify for a potential faster re opening of the economy but there's two commissioner Gary Edwards argues with only one confirmed death tied to the disease and a hundred sixteen cases at all they should get a life we are obligated to try and come up with a balance from our perspective of balancing the health of the community and the economic welfare of those individuals I feel just compared the suicides that we've had already overriding Edwards said those suicides are tied to people suffering more because of job loss and other impacts of the pandemic but Thurston's interim health officer says they don't have the required testing capacity to move faster and they're still seeing a few new cases each week the Pierce county council decides how to spend a hundred fifty eight million dollars in federal covert nineteen money the funds coming from the federal carers act council members will spend it on contact tracing testing economic stabilization and community service.

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