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Ahead here on Mannheim steamroller's an American Christmas they can the three the he the day this is Mannheim steamroller's an American Christmas sometimes it's the smallest things that play the biggest roles once upon a time struggling cartoonist named Walt Disney inspired to do great things when a small mouse ran across his drawing we all know the story most don't know the story the father Joseph more and the Christmas my the door is a small mountain village in eastern by Christmas the eighteen eighteen father Joseph Morris churches the bellows the church for no music in the church this Christmas father Joseph broke the sad news to his congregation thank god created as well as men and women and perhaps god would provide a Christmas miracle it's Christmas day drew near despite his prayers it seemed to father Joseph for whatever gods own mysterious reasons the organ and the church by sunset on Christmas the snow it stopped in the winter skies cleared other Joseph received an urgent message last rites we needed for an elderly woman not live to see another Christmas as he walked home in the darkness father Joseph was troubled why would god take this woman on the night of Christmas Eve not understand her family's and why why would god allow monies to damage a musical instrument designed to praise the birth of his son on Christmas day father Joseph paused for a hand in the sun parts of the answer to in small pieces like a first perhaps it was better the old woman sleep on this night perhaps you're passing time to gift for her for her family no more suffering she would sleep in heavenly peace and father Joseph began to write his answer the words at first came slowly all in the form of a Christmas just a few hours before the midnight Christmas Eve all the Jews news for guitarist named Franz and in less than an hour they combine the words in a quiet music at the guitar and the open door of church was filled with music on Christmas Eve after all the song of course we Silent Night but I story cannot end here father Joseph had offered a prayer he asked for answers and many times answers to prayers come in a way that we least expect and at first can be difficult to understand gene is improbable events had been set into motion for bringing the guitar into the church father Joseph was transferred it would be transferred twelve times over the next eight years in the spring the organ was repaired and the organ builder sound the.

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