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Message from the dread pirate robots offering a paid moderate is job but before he would put her on the payroll he recorded driver's license will possible jared arranged affect jarvis lost since with the photograph of a female tsa agent insent madrid pirate rub it's the all day it only took a few minutes for the dread poorer rub it's to respond and put serious to work it was a huge breaking the investigation by august jarred was working in the chicago homeland security office by die and working a serious the so growth moderate about not and it was at this time he was asked the flaw to new york to assist the fdr sauber krone division when he got to the fbi offices in new york age increased topo show jarred the computer whether i had reconstructed silk road from the falls on the server judge stood at the computer and afterwards he stared at a nearby wall that had an eight foot long piece of paper stuck owner devereaux a pay addresses written down on the paper with descriptions of wet hrpa address was located as jarred kept these always on the paper ta bell explained to him some of the different dresses they had one was a server for the czech clients have so garage and other was a serve at the stood the b coins from the saw another was for the mosque them on section of the sought which was dread pirate rub it section as the main administrator as talbott continued explaining the numbers jarred notice the name maimi taibbi seen san francisco bellow explained that it was a cafe and someone had logged in and try to a rice's silk road serve a from that uh because of that the fbi had a theory that the dread part rubber to say the least had visited or even possibly still leaves in san francisco and had used the cafes watfa to access silk road although as tall bill explained to jarred as quoted in the book american kingpin go nick tilton no much can do with it what am i going to do send an fbi agent into a coffee shop in san francisco and tell them to look for someone on a laptop but.

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