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Mean. Hid it. Maybe you're not you never know anymore. Anymore? Can we throw it? There's a big difference between marshawn and Bill, and you'll marchant is an older guy who's been overseas comes back makes his return. And then. Dillon Brooks who was a pretty good second round prospect. And you know, you got Scott Brooks coaching the game. And it hasn't turned out. Well, how many? Many guys it'd be like a Jones. Yeah. Exactly more common. Because if you tell you Brian Austin rivers room, I've got to be the most awkward thing in the world with everybody else. Like it was awkward than hilarious. And then it just kept getting funnier. After like there was this miscommunication. That's really poor poor on the parts of of everybody. How do you not? I don't know. I guess it was so obvious for one side that you know, it was going to be, you know, Dylan versus Marchand, and then the other side like wait what? And here we are incredible. My goodness. Covering the NBA. I know crazy things happen. But what does this rank for you? You're just a wild is the unfolded with regard to a trade. Well, for me personally to see all of this on sold and everybody's facial expressions. And and it just looked like an array of means or across the internet. I'm thinking of like the Spiderman meanwhile, they're pointing at each other. Oh, really? All looking at each other from. Plays to reporters and back and forth. Then, you know. This is one of the more bizarre things. And and you know, what's funny thing like the nets won four straight now tonight. Right. Nobody cares. Nobody cares. It's all about this botched trade right now. You know, even even like some of the white nets pointers were getting wind of it on their phones. And the like oh snap. Check this out. There was a trade up. It was just like I thought the timing of it was really bad like right after a loss like that. It all it gets leaked out like that. This is poor form in my opinion. But in terms of where it ranks. I mean. I don't know how I mean. There's there's been trade that have been botched before. Like this has happened. But the way that this happened and being there. Oh, man down. This was something. This was something Dan Woking who writes for the Los Angeles Times. Now's NBA writer says will this get a spot in the in mir-mira mar montage with the Oscars in memory of the huskies next year. We'll have to wait and see Michael Scotto NBA writer for the keys a great follow on Twitter at Mike a Scotto joining Freddie, coming in my med when Freddie Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio you mentioned about the nets winning their fourth straight. And nobody's talking about that. Because of the comedic stylings of this three team trade that did not go through Spencer Dinwiddie signed an extension with the Brooklyn nets. Why is this important for a guy who could be a serious rising star in the NBA? Well, for one thing Spencer than what he's having a season where I think he can contend for the sixth man of the year award last year he finished third and most improved player of the year vote. And now the thing with Spencer that stuck out to me was this is a guy who had a career threatening injury wing during college. He's now got a chance to secure the bag as they say he did that I think it was below his market value of spoken to executives around the league who pegged him annually with a per year salary of twelve fifteen million a year, if he hit the open market there were teams needed a point guard in a weak point guard draft class such as Phoenix in Orlando. And now he could stand to make with the three year thirty four million dollars daily makes about eleven point three million per year on average. To me, you know, he wanted to stay in Brooklyn. He enjoys the organization the game chance and have worked diligently to make him the player that he is today along with the work that he is put in as well, I'm explaining why he is he's getting a lot of minutes. Even though he's in a bench full averaging about seventeen game for him the culmination of all that and really wanting to get this done and bet on himself that by year three he has a player option where he can come out at age twenty eight you hit the market again in his prime all those factors weighed in to a decision for him to get it on the net. You know, look, I know there's all the talk about going for the the two max free agents and all that, but they have to figure out what they're going to do with the Angelo muscle Iran day, Hollis Jefferson who have a combined cap hold. If they you know are tended offers could be restricted free agents twenty point five million dollars. That's a lot of money. You have to figure out what they're gonna do with them. And if they are going to move. Needle for this team. Also, if you're de ngelo Russell, you just saw your backup point guard get paid three or thirty four million dollars deal. You can bet that he's gonna want more than that. I wanted to his time. What's going on? With cares Laverne. Is there a time line for him? The nets will never give a time line for anyone with an injury. However, I will say that I did see carrots revert Anna event yesterday. He was walking without a walking boot on his foot had sneakers on which is an encouraging sign. It's progress in that regard. And I didn't notice a terrible limp of any kind which was good. And to me that that was the progress. Now is he, you know, sprinting no at least not according to general manager, Sean marks. Now, Karen has put out some video footage of him on a stationary bike. And he hasn't been doing the ball in the gym. But you're not sprinting yet. Ten seconds left. What has gone into the Boston Celtics lady with the group? They've been on. Uncle true. You're going to be fine. Like come on. How many people thought that they were not going to go to the finals in these Toronto's play. Really, well, but you know, Boston's a good team people don't sleep on them. I still got I I still can see Boston and Toronto fighting it out for the eastern crime. Michael is opposed to talk to you. My brother men, always good to talk to you about the NBA in a night light tonight. You take your have a great holiday as well. Likewise, as you as well as the by Michael Scotto NBA writer for the he's a great follow on Twitter at my case, Scott if you missed what he had to say about the mayhem that happened with a trade that happened between three teams.

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