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And one hundred sixty seconds streak sending smoke and flames shooting through the roof. Firefighters say that everyone. Fortunately, here was able to get out of the building. Nobody hurt Chris say the skull though, that's going to be closed on Monday. That's komo's Michelle Esteban state patrol is investigating a deadly crash in spanaway last night. Officials say both directions of highway five zero seven was shut down at state route seven during the investigation. Troopers say the car crossed the median slammed into a guardrail before striking a tree the driver. Who was the only one inside was killed at this point officials have not released their name. Name anyone watching and listening to traffic reports this week may have noticed the alarming frequency of fatality crashes. A total of eight traffic related deaths were documented documented and investigated and King County in seven consecutive days. WSB says the two women who died Friday on highway eighteen make the thirty seventh and thirty eighth life loss since January first of this year, the state patrol says six of the eight lives loss were results of drivers operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol drugs or medication. The city of seatac has a new council member after one of its members step down leaving an empty seat. Amina Ahmed was appointed to fill the bacon position. Five council seat. The council says it interviewed twelve applicants before deciding on a med. She has been a resident of seatac for five years and has owned her seatac business there since two thousand two she was sworn in or she will be sworn in. I should say on October twenty third. Komo news time is twelve..

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