Joe Casey, Clinton discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


On the mark and I agree as a Kansan signed Joe Casey animal there are in the past few days most of the conservative talk show hosts have been wondering out loud having why Clinton supporters so strong in the face of serious accusations made against him lately I think it is not so hard to understand I support Clinton partly because of the policies he has enacted what would those be and partly because of policies I hope you will enact gun control good economy the environment well we've got a good economy he can't enact that he can't even run well it could ruin it I guess the environment well I support the environment too I also support him because he is my main defense against the Republicans what I feel would be policies they set in motion if they got more power than they have now I might vote for another democratic primaries if I knew about Clinton what I know now but it'd take an awful lot more negative information that has appeared today to make make me vote Republican or not vote at all try to turn it around if dole were the president many were running for reelection in Clinton's accusations were dole's would you vote Democrat well ya sure I might I mean if dole were president and he had been doing all the things that Clinton has been doing then yes Sir I might vote Democrat you never know you know who I think could make a damned good president Sam Nunn you want talk about a Democrat be a good president Sam Nunn now why aren't the good people running and I even extend that into the Republican Party there's lots of good people we could have had run I'm not sandals bad person he's not issues that we could have run a lot of good people a lot of good people and they just didn't run so it's kind of like dole got it because of tenure or something I'm just I'm turned off to politics I'm sorry I'm today I've really had it I really had it I mean what went on yesterday in the hearing room was laughable prophetic the way it was covered was laughable and pathetic and the surveys that followed it were laughable and pathetic both of those words were working for each category laughable and pathetic it is laughable indeed that this president charged with in fact seem to be doing all the things he's doing remains the choice of the people by not a small margin but by a large one if that changes I will be the first person to show you the sound of one hand at least clapping but I haven't seen that yet and I see nothing to applaud about east of the Rockies you're on the air hello art B. in Kansas city Missouri hello there hi did I hear you say that you wanted to take away landlords properties no no no no no no no not at all I said I said that one of their or dealing drugs I said if people who live in the in the property are dealing drugs in the landlord is part of it then yes nope not not only if he just knows about it well knowing about it that's a gray area if he's part of it then I think the building on ago if he's aware of it then he ought to call the cops what do you think well I think that you would run into a lot of trouble especially when you get into the head housing project you know what what's good for the people ought to be good for the government to we gonna do and that kind of case good question I would say in the hard projects there's been quite a considerable effort to even those who are known to be dealing drugs and they've been doing that on a fairly regular basis in a hard place they have also made it Lawndale that police can go in and search in a herd housing project no without no doubt Warren that is not a long the people who rent those places are required to sign something that allows them to do that we have to give peoples well that's in the price that's in the courts but if it is a contractual civil prec condition to you're renting that place then I guess it can be done I guess I think Hillary if you want to talk to somebody that's dead I think she had a call on Houdini maybe you should know how to get out of this mess well do you need or Richard Nixon I'm sure could advise her on what not to do I'm sure thank you very much for the call west of the Rockies you're on the air good morning all right all right R. this is the five partner at best hello I agree with the decaf part really good I think that Prabhas banks at the Catholic Church Marko Kump witnesses the national I kinda like Bob Dole when he was at his grumpy ist nastiest best and he has decided instead to be a sort of a new warm fuzzy Bob Dole because he is the key phrase here I like the old time better me too me too and he might have been viewed as mean spirited but at least the guy would be given Clinton a run for his money yeah given above permanent the chip coverage yes he said that there was a fighting in Oregon yes whereas I'm sorry I don't know okay it didn't say already.

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