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So thanks to Taylor Beales online post. Investigators knew that Taylor and Ben Fawley had passed and continue to talk online and possibly even see each other but the more troubling thing. Here captain is Ben. Fawley online claims to be an ex CON which absolutely turns out to be true. So what did this Do Burger do. Well he had some charges for assault and breaking and entering and I think it goes even beyond that one thing that I find. Extra troubling here is statements. We have from some of her friends. The say that Taylor had gotten into this habit of parking her car on Ben Fawley Street on the street that he lived on because there were no parking meters there for her to worry about. So what I'm getting at here with this captain is we have this situation where there seems to be some kind of friendship between the two. It looks to me like Ben. Fawley thinks that it is. The friendship is one thing that it is not and then we also have the situation of heat. He's got a violent past a history of violence and he also probably could know when she's coming and going because he could visually see her vehicle parked on his street. Well yeah and again the ruse of our some photos for you and and we know that he's involved in these odd pornographic sites well in regardless of whatever. Their relationship was or their friendship. I should say friendship because relationship makes it sound like something that was not regardless of what their friendship was. The the thing is her friends that knew about folly. All really say hey. I think she was starting to realize that Ben Folly was more screwed up than she really wanted to deal with but again it appears that they may still have been hanging out. Now when questioned by police about this friendship with Taylor Ben. Fawley said that he had no idea where she was and he was worried about our. He said the last time he saw her was around nine thirty pm on that Monday night when she left his apartment after they he said after they hooked up. Police didn't believe him and fact they named him as one of several persons of interest in the case on October third but the problem was ben folly maintained that he had an alibi before Taylor had even been reported missing. Ben Fawley went to the police station and filed a report alleging that he had been assaulted on the street by several guys. The timeframe he cited for the attack was around five. Am on September six. This occurred in an alley near Franklin Street and Monument Avenue Folly alleged that he was hit with an unknown object in a bag placed over his head and then he was thrown in a car and driven around by several men before being released on a dirt road and he had to hitch a ride home and they do have evidence of this. We have the person that he hits ride from saying. You know cooperating. The story to eat markings on his individual. Well so police looked carefully at this claim. Trying to determine like you said captain whether this was true or not the problem is if it is true that it seems very likely that folly could not have been responsible for abducting Taylor folly filed this report around four. Pm on Tuesday. He made vague references to the attack. Likely being a result of a long running altercation with with an axe or another photographer over rights to some photographs which seems a little loosey. Goosey to me while you know those photographers they like to. There are bad bunch they they they have a gang of people. And they're gonNA abduct you place a bag over your head and hit you with objects. The police officer whose name appears on the incident report did note that folly admitted that he was extremely. He says he was extremely intoxicated. When the alleged attack took place he also said that he took medication for bipolar disorder. Now Okay and let's let's dive into that real quick because most of the the medication that you would be on for bipolar or not things that you would one want to drink on but they could also cause you death if you do drink on those medications again though you are. A- level individual who makes good decisions. We once again find ourselves discussing a guy who does not make good decisions. I would be taken this Report as officer and when I would say officer's name I'd put silly goose so the thing that I have trouble with here I don't know really why this would be considered any type of alibi because folly says it. He lasts all Taylor if we are to believe him at nine thirty PM and then maintain that the attack happened at five. Am right hours hours later. Seems to me like you had plenty of time to a doctor kill or do whatever during that that timeframe bought and we have footage of her leaving her dorm but they're going to find footage of him outside her dorm room Yeah so but again. He's not denying that they hung out that night. Well and the thing is I think what we have here is really kind of front. A bit of a tactic by police. We saw how smart they were with the vehicle situation. Valence vehicle. Yeah I think they thought. Hey this Ben Fawley. He's pretty dumb. He's pretty stupid. We had a meeting all right all of us. Investigators and police officers we got together and we took a vote and we decided this guy's a real idiot. So here's how the meeting went a raise your hand if you think this guy is a dumb ass and nineteen hands went up and then one guy was just kind of sitting there playing on his phone he he wasn't paying attention now. One Guy was one guy was like but I really like his van. I saw it on the news. Pretty Cool So I think they all kind of agreed. This guy's an idiot and they're like publicly let's go out and say hey we we understand. He's somebody that we're interested in. We understand that there was some kind of friendship going on. But we have to clear we have to figure this whole. He was allegedly attacked situation. Out We have to figure out if he actually has an alibi or not make him think that you're kind of falling for right And see if he does something dumb because this guy has nothing but a history of thirty some years of doing dumb things. So he may. He may give you whatever you need. He may give you that smoking gun so you can figure out what he is actually been up to because even though we have them on record saying that. I don't believe that they were falling for anything that he was saying. And I also like you said. Where's the evidence of this do? Where's the person that gave you the ride home yet? I'm trying to see where you're going with this guy and my timeline. I know what cops do next but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Well I really think that it was just a to me. It looks just like a front that they were putting on at the time. I think behind closed doors. They didn't think anything of this alleged attack other than it was a false alibi that it was something that he created to explain away a big window of time that he needs to be accounted for What seems like our thoughts about their investigation. Captain are correct. I mean they seem to be suspicious folly and this did not come out until later but what we do know took place that police did review that security cameras surveillance footage from Taylor's dorm on the last night that she was seeing and asked said she seen entering the building around ten twenty pm. She walks through the lobby to the doors on the right hand side of the frame presumably to head up to her room but someone else then enters the lobby at ten twenty one and paces around for a few minutes clearly waiting for someone. And who is this person? Data Ben Fawley Boehner sniffer so his statement of Hey. I last saw her in the nine o'clock hour can't be true. You followed her in. We have video surveillance footage of you following her into the lobby of her residence at ten. Twenty in the ten o'clock hour right in that she's GonNa come back out to hang out with them so again we know he's lying about the timeframe or dismiss remembering but it's almost like he knew that he was caught on tape so he has to omit that he was hanging out with her that night. I don't understand this whole I was attacked and that set in alibi but the timeframe would be early morning hours and not around that ten PM to twelve PM window but I think where he really messed up is when he was telling the cops well and we hooked up that night. Now we have her friends saying yes. They were intimate before but she didn't want to do that again. That's not to say that she wouldn't of been intimate with them again. I mean we. We have proof that she was intimate with him before so I would actually argue that that would mean there's more of a possibility just because she told her friends that she didn't want to do it again but that leads to please to go. Well she's seventeen and this is going to be enough for us to get a search warrant to search his apartment while you are exactly right because what's going on here. I believe re reading between the lines. I think that police had an idea that folly was with her at a time that he did not give to them. I think they knew that for a while I think there are. They are trying to figure out what else was he involved in and I also think that just because they didn't ask him about that ten o'clock hour he may be unaware of the security camera footage that he was seen on camera. They were seen on camera together at ten twenty four and then they both leave their joint. Departure is not actually caught on camera but neither of them are seen on camera again so we can assume that they left together while here. Here's why say not? Not Maybe the footage that the cops actually had. But here's this guy that's been around campus long enough to know. The campus is heavily secure. There's tons of security cameras everywhere so knowing that you met her on campus you could just assume that at some point they have you on video foot bright and maybe nine thirty thing is it his way of trying to explain that away right but also by sane knowing that you met her on campus. This is why you have to tell the police while I was with her that night for a little bit we hooked up and then she left and I don't know what happened to her. So the security surveillance footage plus the fact that he willingly tells police we hooked up. She's underage. This is enough to allow officers to obtain a search warrant for Ben Follies apartment which was located at four zero seven Hancock Street on September sixteenth. They went in and searched this apartment and the search warrant. Must have included. You know you have to specifically state what you are seeking in this war. A must've included electronic devices. Because we know that police left carrying some computers after this I search and what they found on those computers lead to the arrest of Ben Fawley on September. Twenty third. Captain would you like to do the honors and inform us as to what was found on these computers? Well what's interesting is. I don't think it's just on the computers. I think maybe also on diskin things like that. There was a lot of child pornography. He tries to explain that away by Saint. Some of this was laughed by the tenant before me. I didn't even know it was there. But that connects plane away the child pornography that was actually found on the hard drives and they had multiple computers with extremely large amounts of hard drive space. I mean especially for that time. Two thousand five. That's right there so there wasn't really anything on the computers linking folly directly to Taylor's disappearance although there were those pictures of her that we discussed hundreds of pictures of her yeah and hundreds of pictures of images of child pornography. Well on not just what bribed but the media release. Yeah I mean not just that but also just tons of Berry. I don't know what the creek term.

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