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The thing that's worrisome in Minnesota, Tina Smith. She has not been elected yet. She hasn't had a general election and her name recognition is actually lower than MS Housley again with Karin Housley being well known in the state as the wife of a of a former NFL player. And of course she's, you know, well established in her own right, Indiana. We have Donnelly going against Braun. Donald has been one of these Democrats these kind of like Joe Manchin, but not quite as Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin is Joe mansion trying to protect his own hide in West Virginia difficult to be a democrat in the state where Trump won by forty percentage points. So he's doing what he has to do in his own mind to stay in power. And I would not be surprised if he just ends up switching parties and becomes a Republican. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. Certainly wouldn't be the first time. I believe Charlie Crist did a similar thing out of Florida. So that's a close race. Again, a race that the Donnelly is the incumbent a race that the dams must hold. Braun is coming in. He's got that tea party support. He's got that Trump support and states like Indiana, you know, I'm telling you, we, we heard if you get a chance, listen to Konya west when he was in the White House today. Listen to him talking about when he puts on the mega hat make America. Great. Again, when he puts on that hat, he feels power. He talks about this. He talks about that. We didn't have a dad. He talks about how he's around feminine energy all day. So he really likes the way that Trump makes him feel masculine just. Things that we know. I understood. Got it. But that doesn't mean that you should fall for it, but it's nice to hear someone say out loud though. It's nice to hear someone comes so this Connie west is very transparent. Yeah, he is, but it's really nice to hear someone like self aware enough to say, I do this because it makes me feel powerful because I'm threatened by the women around me. I need some help to bring my masculinity back. That's I don't have enough confidence in myself to just live a life. Right. You know, just just live your life, you know, in, you know, he's admitting that he doesn't have that, and he needs a red hat to make him feel that. Yes, I understand. And just a brief update them onto the wine now? No. No, through into the aperitif per team at the lodge, rock is drinking Boone's farm for his aperitif and God knows what everyone else is drinking Donald Trump's just drink in DIKO, of course through all this. Yeah, he's a yeah through every single bit of this. He is sober. Think about about that for second. All right now also. So that's that's Indiana Bronco again, that's going to be a doozy in a state like that for a democrat in this era. Now where Trump and his Trumpism this anti Trump, it's dead. Yeah, Trump is is it's the way of the land and it's com- looking now, it's republicanism and it's just been so norm. It's normalized, which again, not normal. Nothing happening is normal. Now don't forget that and times will change. So that's going to be a tough seat for the Dem's to hold. Let's go to Florida. We have Bill Nelson versus former governor, Rick Scott, Rick, Scott, he has, you know, he's got a lot of support lot of name. Recognition, Bill Nelson in this is another one of those really weird races were Rick. Scott is again, sort of running as a change candidate despite the fact he's been a politician for many years, but Bill Nelson has been there. He's another one of these old timers when you listen to them talk. I'm not quite sure if he's relating to the people of Florida quite well enough, Rick. Scott was out there when it came to the one thing about the storm hurricane Michael..

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