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You guys don't have a lot of videos that fuel really exploitative of women which was really a big thing like in the nineties and two thousands without a conscious choice as a group to say we're not do that or was it just like hey this is who we are in this is what we do when we're together 'em conscious that at the same time it was like a you know organic thing wouldn't feel like we had to be you know talking about girls butts and stuff or anything like that anything to do with checks were the donor crew you know that's who we were we were more concerned about being those alley cat burning a fired a trash can drink forty passing the blood that stats are who we wanna divvy it had it had nothing do chicks we even thought that girls aren't gonna like are music because it was too underground and we were wrong about that song i'm kinda glad we didn't go that row because we would have alienated you know are female audience before i let you go just one last question send on what was it like to be back together touring well that's the one thing that people you know 'cause you don't put out an album in eight years people think like you know you're not a band anymore and you're not together anymore we were still doing sellout dates around the over like selling out stadiums and stuff and venues you know left and right and it gives it goes to show you the power of the cyprus so you know army the fans that they don't need a brand new recor come see us they proved it for eight years in a row they took coming out you know it was a new album coming out oh it'll be sued okay cool show that's what they were you know they can have a good time with the ban you know but we never lost a supporter of are are are public are fans they were it was incredible to go places you know five six years a lot of album and they're still selling out stadiums around the world is kinda crazy actually send you have been an extraordinary store nary important creative force in the music of this country and i just wanna say thank you for everything that you've done san dog and everything that you've done with cypress hill thank you so much for joining me on the team usa it's been my pleasure to be here will do a latino usa in thank you for the kind words by brazil wherever you're damn dog an cypress hill recently we sees a star on the hollywood walk of fame on this episode was produced by maggie freeling an edited by marlin bishop unfit and i'm like i'm like you know usa team includes me at cs so if you have at least a cop and then yesterday the heat genesee moga and say you're giving are engineers are definitely gonna vote and julian gruesome are production manager is nothing are new york women's foundation ignite fellow is just running are interns are lucas southern and jonathan are theme music was composed by saying everybody knows if you like the music you've heard on this episode stop by usa dot org and check out our weekly spotify playlist i'm your host and executive producer playing for joining us again on our next episode and in the meantime look for us on all of your social media i'll see you there joe latino usa say is made possible in part by the ford foundation working with visionaries on the frontlines of social change worldwide the john d and catherine t macarthur foundation end housing simon's foundation unlocking mocking knowledge opportunity and possibilities more at h as foundation dot org i i gotta i gotta get some props with my kids you know 'cause i my i might he ain't horsa next time on latino usa luna lauren bellies you know her as captain mattiello we're done on dexter we sit down for an intimate conversation about her childhood and how she brings strong latina character's.

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