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60 from the W T. M. J Breaking News Center. I'm Tony Braddock. President Trump's administration says it's planning to deploy federal agents to Milwaukee to combat violent crime. The order part of Operation legend designed to address what the Department of Justice calls unacceptable levels of violence across the country. Prompted a response today from Governor Evers full faith and trust not only in the people of Wisconsin but also the police forces amping up the federal president's will. I believe, create more turmoil. Governor says he wrote a letter to the president opposing the move, saying it was not asked for by the city or state. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett also speaking out about the suggested plans, citing surging and corrupt surging of Corona virus cases. In Florida, the president says Republicans are foregoing the nominating convention in Jacksonville. The RNC. Still, however, to begin on North Carolina's still care deeply about the people of Florida and everywhere else, frankly in this country and even in the world. Would be coming into the state and I don't want to do anything to upset it here at home. The number of positive Colvin 19 cases in the Badger state back up again over 1000 according to the Department of Health Services in the last 24 hours, the percentage of positive cases just under 7%. That's up from about five on Wednesday. High school athletics will still be happening this fall, though they'll be on a minor delay over 19 forced high school athletes to miss the end of their spring season, But it won't do the same to athletes this fall. W. A voted in favor of starting fall sports on a delayed scheduled today. Some begin August 17th. Others like football starts September 7th, while the school superintendent Phil Hurdle, This is a very difficult for everybody this time, but you know we want to get kids back participating and hopefully we're able to do it safely and it continues right through and this is just the starting point. The board voted in favour of the motion 8 to 3 Mike Spaulding W. T. M. Jenny in the first game of the major league baseball season, currently in a rain delay, But the 60 game season It is officially underway. Dr Anthony Fauci. Making an appearance is the Nationals host of the Yankees, W T. O P S George Wallace throwing to the base of the mound that number 19 Nationals jersey, complete with a red cap. And, of course, the Nationals, Max that we've seen him in a lot recently, Dr Anthony found she had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of the baseball season. A diehard nationals fan found she I'm sure would like to have the pitch back. Said he was going to throw a curveball. But it wasn't even close to his catcher. Sean do little way outside. There was hands up in the air, but there were no fans there to boom. Sports, traffic and weather are next. W. T. M J News time. 805 It's the witness that calls in the crime and as you lie their way because your bed partner snoring so loudly that you can hear it, too. Bedrooms away your witness to your witnessing your partner sleeping but not actually getting rest. You're witnessing a struggle to breathe freely..

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