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Hey there, I'm Julie foudy from laughter permitted alongside my co host Lin ozawa, Helen, hi Jules. Since the very beginning of laughter permitted, ally has supported our mission of sharing the stories of trailblazing rad women. Now, ally is backing even more incredible women as an official partner of the national women's soccer league and the Players Association. Allies goal is to make a positive change in women's pro soccer. In 2021, ally helped increase the number of teams in the playoffs, which boosted the earnings of about 60% of the league's players. And on top of that, which is amazing, ally made a substantial contribution to support the players fund, which assists current and former players facing financial hardships. Two great examples of why we're all better off with an ally. To learn more about ally, visit ally dot com. This is a guy who was tremendously productive was a Heisman Trophy finalist with the 20th pick. The Pittsburgh jailer. So look, Kenny Pickett. Best friend. It's a great food for Kenny bigot. Even if they think that you're gonna fly. I guess I'll lie. We felt he came ready at pro level accuracy. That's exactly where I thought I would be. Kenny Pickett was the only quarterback selected in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft going 20th overall Pittsburgh. It marked just the fourth time since 2000 that only one quarterback was selected in the first round of a draft with Pickett joining the likes of EJ Manuel Michael Vick and Chad Pennington's. Welcome to NFL live, one of the biggest stories of last week's draft was only Pickett being chosen. They're a slide for the other quarterbacks, right? And we're gonna get into that because we're gonna actually look ahead to next year. It should be much different. Louis Riddick, Tim Hasselbeck Todd mcshay. Here with you for the hour Diana rossini joins us as well. And guys, how quickly we move on. It's already time to talk about 2023. Why not? We got Todd's way too early, 2023 mock draft and tied the headline here as you see him highlighted. 5 quarterbacks in the top ten take us through these names. Yeah, we're throwing it back to 2021 when we had an embarrassment of riches at quarterback. I started at number 9. Let's take a look at the quarterback there. Tyler Van Dyke, I had going to Seahawks. Listen, he's coming out of Miami last year, Derek king got injured early in the season. Van Dyke came on and he really sparked this Kane's offense. He's tall at 6 foot four, 225 pounds. He's mobile. His flashes are brilliant, but he's got to be a lot more consistent in his second year as a starter in order to be a first round pick. Then at number 8, I had the New York Giants taking will levis from Kentucky. It's hard to watch him on tape at times because you know the talent's there. He's 6 three, 232 pounds. He's mobile as well. He has a strong arm. They just don't utilize it a whole lot. They didn't at least this past year. A lot of throws within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage with one Dale Robinson Ghana. I anticipate they're going to open things up a little bit more. The wildcats next season. Then at number 6, I had to Carolina Panthers taking a quarterback after taking one of the third round this year, and that was Anthony Richardson from Florida. Listen, these are all projections, but this is a real big projection. You talk about skill set 6 four, two 36, the ability to run. He's got a howitzer for an arm. But he threw 5 interceptions, almost as many touch as touchdown passes a year ago. He's got a big jump that he has to make after starting just two games last season. Now on to the top two guys. Bryce younger had going number two over all the Detroit Lions, young was fantastic last season. When you talk about the beginning of the season to the end, his ability to manipulate a defense is outstanding inside the pocket. Yes, he has some mobility, but this guy will kill you with his mind inside the pocket throwing the football. And then the number one quarterback I had, and I debated between Bryce young and CJ Strauss. I went with Stroud at number one to the Houston Texans. He's a little bit bigger at 6 three, 218. He's just pinpoint accuracy as a passer. I love the way he throws the football and you look at the Utah game in the rose bowl. When he was missing the top two receivers Garrett Wilson and Chris olave, who were both picked in the top 11 of the draft, he still was throwing dime after dime after diamond that game. So it's going to be interesting. It's definitely going to be Stroud versus young, which one will be the first quarterback off the board when it comes to the next April's draft. Yeah, it's fascinating to hear these names and think about how exciting it's going to be to watch these guys in college football and Todd, you mentioned the size difference in Stroud and young that being a differentiator when you think about those two. But you got Stroud one, you got young two, the top two quarterbacks. Is there anything else that makes them a little bit different for you in your mind when you try to evaluate them? There's not a whole lot. They both like to beat you from inside the pocket. I do think young is more is more developed in terms of understanding what defenses are doing and how he progresses from rewind to two to three so quickly. I can remind myself, Laura, several times watching his tape this past season, he's just a one year starter. Same thing for Stroud, but Bryce, it really is about the mind and the timing versus I'm extraordinary just as a natural God given talent to put the ball on the target. Now, granted, he has three first round receivers that he was throwing to this past season with Garrett Wilson and Chris olave and then Jackson Smith and chiba, who was the most productive of all three of them is going to be a top ten pick next year. So he has a lot of weapons to throw to and he will again this season, but I love the way that Strauss spends the ball. Yeah, you know, Bryce young had to deal with his weapons going down in big moments too. And still trying to create something out of nothing. You mentioned, you know, AR-15, Anthony Richardson is your third quarterback. Is there a huge separation between Stroud and young at the top and then everybody else? I think there is because we kind of know, even though it was just one season, we know what Stroud can do. We know what Bryce young can do. Big stages, big moments, big games. I've always seemed to deliver. With the other guys, again, I mentioned Richardson, I love his tools, but he started two games, Laura. He and there's talks that he's still fighting to win the job next year. So, I mean, this could be a guy that doesn't even come into the draft and maybe you only have to season as a starter. But when he gets it going, if he gets it going to the level that I know he can, we're talking about a talent that is unbelievable. It's just fun to watch what he's he's just scratching the service right now and it's fun to watch that. Yeah, absolutely. I think Florida fans are going to be upset if you don't see Richardson's star but you're right he is in a little bit of a quarterback battle with Napier taking over there. All right, with us already looking ahead to the 2023 NFL Draft. It's worth remembering that 5 teams currently hold multiple first round picks next year. The eagles, dolphins, Seahawks, Texans, and lions all have two of them. So let's bring in Diana russini, and what's the sense Diana that you get of how Jalen hurts situation is viewed around the league with those eagles having multiple picks. Yeah, the eagles ran the ball more than any other team in the NFL last year, mostly due to the fact that they've got a very athletic running mobile quarterback in Jalen hurts. Sometimes there have been questions about his accuracy. His ball placement. Teams around the league view him as a quarterback that has that potential to be really good if he can make those improvements. As for the way Philadelphia sees it, right? They essentially gave him as many weapons as they possibly could, especially on draft night as we were able to pull off that trait for agey Brown. So they're telling us that they believe in him, but the sense I'm getting is he's got to go out there this season and almost play as if this is a one year proving deal, especially known there are so many quarterbacks coming up in the draft as Todd just pointed out. Yeah, absolutely. More from Diana coming later in the show hurts was asked about all of this yesterday. He's been questioned his entire career. Here's what he said about his current situation..

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