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This final tough to get up for really is. There's the O'Reilly takes. There's the. There's the Boston stuff. You know what do anyway tonight? Game. To somebody sent me a message about the most dangerous lead in hockey. Right. Most dangerously knock is to delete. Oh, yeah. Saint Louis headed to lead that they did. And there was dangerous because they lost. And then the Bruins got a two-goal lead. What happened they kept it they want. No despite the danger of the two goal lead. It's the first team that gets out to the two-goal lead issue. Right. It's never dangerous. When you get it in the third period, and there's two minutes left. What's the most dangerous league hockey one goal? It's that winning culture that Boston has, you know, one thing, I'll tell you about Saint Louis. It's all it's so funny. How hockey hockey hockey do this more than any sport. Right. The raptors you're not seeing any sort of ood what other teams learning from how the raptors have done it. You just don't see that. The warriors, of course have been the gold standard. When you get to the Super Bowl, who was at this year helped me. Rams and patriots. Yep. You know what do they do the passable? They have dynamic offenses and pass the ball and their defenses. Okay. In hockey though, you wait until the Stanley Cup final team gets there. And then it becomes well now that we've seen the blues get here. What are other teams going to do to be due to be like the blues? And I just think really doing that team that had mid-nineties points last year gets there this year. Wins a couple of close series. Now, it's what are we going to what our team's going to do to be like the blues? Oh, fire. Their coach Ed with the season, get better goaltending half the season and get hot. I don't know that the blues are really going to change anything about, you know how the league is built or how teams wanna build right? They're they're good. They're good balance team. They've got nice players, but they're certainly not any sort of. Well built like the blues. I'm not even sure the Bruins are, you know, yesterday, it's funny like every once in a while, I'll get a, you know, as a tank support or I'll get all the Bruins didn't have the tank sprite. They didn't win. Would you have suggested they should when they had ninety six points and miss the playoffs? They missed the playoffs one year after being the one seed in the playoffs. They missed for two years. And then they went back, but they were in the nineties that whole time. So. As a as a relentless defender of all tanks teams, don't tank from the nineties teams tank from the seventies, you got seventy points. Go for it dropped down to the bottom, you can take. But, I mean the Bruins were they were having bad seasons with ninety six points sabres would kill the sniff ninety six point. So if you're if you're one of those if you run into somebody that says all the Bruins are one of the Cup and they didn't tank. When would they have? They've been good. Good teams. Don't do it. It's the bad teams that do it. Bad teams. Weaponize it and say, all right. You know this is going to be rough one. So why don't we just go ahead and get as many assets as we can pick as high as we can, because, of course that's a smart thing to do. But if you're a good team trying to think the last team that was good. The kind of tore it down. The bills might be an example of that. Not really. But like they made the playoffs and then went to a rookie quarterback, they dumped the quarterback, they dump some talent because they were kind of redo it, but they never tanking. Team. That's good. Miami wise Miami doing it this year because they're a mess. They don't have anything. They dump their quarterback dump their coach. They're not doing it from ten win season. They were bad, and now they're going to do it. So that's why Boston didn't have to do. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they are above it. It's that they never they never got in range. They would have had to dump everybody with a ninety six point roster. And that's just wasn't ever going to happen. Eight oh three oh, five fifty one eight eight five fifty to five. Fifty to join us. Couple tweets coming in on the idea that, you know, the NBA or the NHL could add little tournaments and what could that do to league because Adam silver is talked about quite a bit. And. A lot of good points here. But you could incorporate the AHL you can incorporate the E C, H L, if you wanted to, you know, these little mini things, Chris tweeted, about international tournaments the Champions League cysts for soccer because there's a German league in Spanish league in Portuguese league in the world of hockey. It's not exactly the same. But there's a there's a check league. There's a Swiss league, there's a Finnish league Swedish elite league you know, you could just decide to put on something with all that would take a heavy lift would do would be a lot of work be a big, bold vision. But it's out there if these leagues ever wanted the question is will they ever want to say, probably probably if they can make money, the NFL's trying to play games in Mexico in London, and maybe China, so you could branch out to all these countries? And ideally, I wonder if the NFL wants to be like soccer and would eventually want multiple leagues because these leagues. Benefit from the existence of the others. They, they all make more money together. So I don't know what their long-term vision might be without regard. But anyway, L came about because of Adam silver, and his conversation with Mark Stein of the New York Times, eight oh, three oh, five fifty one eight five fifty to five. Fifty quick thing on offer sheets. Mentioned from earlier before Darren draggers said that on ESPN ten fifty that the belief is that Mitch martyr will go, go to the wall here. He's gonna take negotiations beyond July first, which, of course, is something that willy willy knee Lander did Neil Lander, of course, didn't sign an offer sheet didn't sign beliefs until what December and remains a tremendous player that they probably won't trade because he's great and martyrs better. And martyr expects to take this negotiation beyond July. First, the difference is I think that Marwood get offer sheet it. I don't know. Why knee Lander, didn't he should have been? I don't know why he wasn't he's app. Absolutely. The kind of player that would be worth of first second third round pick a hundred times out of a hundred. He's worth that if that's what the threshold might might have been to first second third. He's worth that if you're a good team, so Monir. Anyway, the story from there. And Drager was that he's going to go past July first that RFA offer sheet interview period begins June twenty sixth. So there's a window of four or five days, he can go meet with Lula Morello the islanders the Bruins. I don't know if the sabers would be in on it. I doubt it, but to hear that they would be would be great, whichever GM signs the next offer sheet will be my favorite GM in the league you will indicate that he is the more the most qualified so. Joe me the way you know, give me.

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