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A really cool on where there was a wedding and so initially Axa's boys but then the wedding couple speaks as you ask them a question about. Where do I go for the wedding? What do I need a couple speaks to you and then you can like you said move the blind? I mean there's just so much that can happen and I think your video show a great mix of it. which makes it really exciting for anyone? That's traveling all the things that can be done with. Ease Charlie that wedding specific demo. It's a customized personalized recording from a Koppel and again that's put into the back end of our software and so when a guest that Araj the wedding. Let's say it's at the hotel. They arrived at the wedding. The hotel maybe even a conference or an an event old I have to say is Alexa. I'm for the wedding or maybe make it a bit more specific Alex. I'm here for the smiths wedding or the wedding and it's GonNa then throw out that. Personalized is recording from the wedding. Couple themselves to welcome them and it really adds a level of personalization necessarily example of already. We think thank hotels to really take it to the next level you know. Put in personal recordings from the hotel manager specific welcoming the guests. Maybe it's the first thing they experienced. Come on US Alexa. So again my say and that's a a personalized recording from the manager per se. And you're gonNA feel a connection to that hotel true that brain and again. We think that's going to loyalty. And that's what hotels are after and nothing's really strong very easy to do US migration with flowers office so from back in so we love it. It got my Asian to the empty agree as long as you have the imagination the hotels to do it and we can help. Yes and I your passion for it is just so wonderful. What has been the overall feedback from users or any data that you can share so far extremely positive and was seen even just the analytics in terms of how much guests using the devices ruined or not? You're looking at asked six to seven request specific to that loss you know and then we'd bet that it's the hotel sixty seven digital interactions with that guests. You know so guess to using it especially appropriate opera me in the US. Way Eh. Holden penetration again. Like I said is quite high so they understand how to use a little bit better you know again with over here in in New Zealand in the US again there the education so what we do. We don't see this collateral. We try to help them as much as we can. But it is pretty natural life when you ask a question. Overseas Union over the command is initial trigger. Forgot which I grew once. You've done that with the blouse subway. We've pretty much customizing. Any question in any barechested. How you ask that question so it's GonNa hit every time so even if asking for a cow slip is beginning to get that no matter how they ask that question? So that the daughter and the initial feedback getting of see the reviews that were saying. It's a little hard to get the exact specifics. All the reviews that they're generating revenue and that's a big one for us and big want a hotel it's L. as well as pushing guest to onslaught soon so they make requests Berlet's at cocktail or as the nearest restaurant with the best restaurant. Or what do you recommend with the hotel. We push them to the that restaurant we offer them at ten percent batch and then you know. Hotels are seeing a ten to fifteen percent increase in revenue to through those specific Beta news. That they have on side again six to seven requests. Not so you know and I asked hotel keeping track of your guests. Sixty seven more tongs day visit. Would you take and how much value would that be too. And that's kind of you know one of the big strong pitchers that we say that we think the Dodd is the reflects in revenue. And really right stuff that we can. We can do outside of those things. Yeah I mean. Roi Again always the big question. So where do you guys as long as the next phase of voice going in the hospitality industry specifically. Yeah okay I will you got the rest of the world and by me talking different dialects. Alex looks different accents. Broken English all these things so we are kind of limited to a Google and Amazon dot now into the bay support what languages they support night's eighteen Greek and then what we can integrate with. So it's already a matter of time but like I said Wiki ready quite easy go and when I'm already when hotel impossible to ready who tell and yet women waiting for at six months to a year. Let's do this so you've got the hotel industry which has got no ago. Roughly just too late fees you half a million beds or hop million and then that's just a hotel industry. You've got the whole ebb industry which we're really excited about a little bit of the scale of a little smaller property. But are we still think that you know that is revenue to be made there that you've got the whole cruise ship industry you go all of those on streaming saw about his age brings things vices he do h especially some of private ones with potentially adding impersonal. I'm accounts to H residents communicate with their their loved ones just from a simple voice come on human simple voice commands of automations that we spoke about sort of lower software and hospitality into those key sectors. Those few and again. It's only a matter of harms so much to this voice. Control make sense in terms of empowering certain industries booting revenue for some of them Helping you you know that age K.. You know improve their lot. dister small little things so the line of duty. A lot of Apply Limited by Amazon Bay saying yet. We're ready to go the by again soon as they already will be ready to six months to a year so again Exciting yes. Where can people learn more about? You talked about today on bare react on lengthy and on posting you know he's not everyday videos demonstrations so this driest Kufa on link Dean or our website. His voice systems are dodd. said yet which is going to link to videos Valera specific videos to ones. We're doing so you know you're in any part of the world and from the US the UK draws drolet. You can reach out David Muir same reach out to us. And also we can pretty much customized any solution that you want. Even if it's not an austerity ministry mystery. You know there's a lot you can do so it's exciting times voice. I'm excited to be part of the on. The first. If not in this part of the world does feel like you know anyone explaining the boy's face you know is You know an entrepreneurial trail breezy and it's real excited to be on the wave of the month and the last question we'd like to ask on this show to kind of help promote the voice as a whole is there a flash briefing scale or voice experience that you've been using a lot and really enjoying recently will for me it's actually the NFL. Oh on a pig. NFL supportive just with business. I don't often get a you know. Check it on the daily. So that's kind of one of the first ones that I say just getting updates. Yeah and it school specific. The biggest kind of that it's local weather earn sadly again some are slash three three for New Zealand Limited. Or maybe that somebody we helped with but formerly. NFL May just getting those those excites everyday. Really perfect thank you so much for sharing your energy and excitement for all that you do. Andreas knows absolute pleasure. 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