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Trying to get to forty. Just we don't get relegated. Bottom of the table might in sixteenth armenia. Bills and seventeen in shoka is sitting in last right now. The season ended today. Shock would be getting relegated all right so Notable matches for the bundesliga rb leipzig hosts or no excuse me Byron munich hosting rb leipzig and hurt the berlin playing union berlin and the berlin darby. And then stewart. We'll be playing at verte. Bremen tragically for vertebrae institute guard in the last five matches. Both teams have only gotten four points. They've had four draws and one loss in their last five matches for both teams. It's pretty pretty disappointing. Hopefully stu garden go up there and get three gag on track all right Let's see moving to the us. Mls playoffs Last week tuesday. Toronto loss to nashville one zero. The new england revolution be philadelphia. Union two zero and seattle sounders three l. Afc won so the conference semifinals are going on right now. There's two matches tonight Which will be sporting kc hosting minnesota united in the seattle sounders hosting fc dallas but in eastern conference semifinals already been determined. It was orlando city. One new england revolution. Three columbus crew to nashville. Sc zero so we got new england hosting columbus in the eastern conference finals. And after the matches tonight we will see who will be representing the western conference in the western conference final. I'm going to take a quick break. Get something to drink. And i'll be back talking about uefa All right welcome back. Quick side note. Before i started talking about uefa yesterday and today my son my oldest fifteen. It'll be sixteen and driving february which is crazy but he's trying out for his high school soccer team now. My son has not played soccer for a team since was about a nine years old so obviously his body has changed significantly since then so he's taller than me. He thinks he's just as fast as me. But i'm pretty fast even though you know in my early forties but whatever But right now he is at the second tryout so i'm hoping that he makes it will see will definitely put something out on twitter if he does. He's pretty excited about it. There was a time you know. My son wasn't living with me. I was living in germany. He was living in colorado. He stopped playing soccer and he just sorta gave up on it. But my son is the reason that i'm really really into football. And for him to not really enjoy it or you know care about as much as he did it. Kinda hurt me a little bit you know. But now he's back in. He's the -squitoes fully committed. So i'm hoping that he makes his team. Go pick them up in about an hour. Fifteen minutes and it's cold here in texas right now like..

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