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Not someone we get to talk to all the time Danny I alone is joining us on the phone today he's here in Michigan Danny is an Israeli diplomat columnist a politician who served as deputy foreign minister was the Israeli ambassador to the United States from two thousand until two thousand and six and has served as a senior foreign policy adviser to several prime ministers Danny thank you dress on the part of the special thank you Karen it's a real pleasure yeah so you're out you're here to talk about your organization the truth about Israel I can you can you tell our listeners about about the organization yes well first of all it's great to be back at the great state of Michigan and Detroit and land seeing your many friends here all rights are also I'm not just here to impart information but also to take away your a really great community is diverse communities and how friendly relationship are among the different communities in a truck you know we are in a troubled area in the Middle East I wish we could use some off your intelligence in your conduct here so the truth about Israel a kid in the trying to really educate and to express the real desire also is ready for peace unfortunately we do not always get a fair information or figure fuel and you know it's a complex area each complex situation so what I've tried to simplify the thing so the truth about these were really simplifies things just tells about very very sixty three about the historical facts and what makes the the region behaves it is and of course expressing some may ways that we can we move forward and to have a real peace with peaceful coexistence among the people of the Middle East which is really what we need to and there's so much misery specially in the Arab world and any cooperation between there Israel and the countries and more and more use a owned a reward of corporation is going to have to bring the entire region of the Middle East abreast with the rest of the world so the truth about Israel and yeah given thank you for for bringing it up a we have a website all the information is there and it's very easy to to access this information the truth about these were dot O. R. G. dot yeah and I hope there the more seats and of course can send us through the website any questions any loads of Asians and we always are very responsive to that so as you make your way around the state today you're you're gonna go you're headed up to lance and I understanding of talk with lawmakers you're gonna get to some of the universities to talk to educators what what is the message that you bring that Mr way to sort of simplify for our audience what that what the key issues are that that need to be addressed yes well I think the main messages that Israel has always wanted peace and we have already proven that you know we have a piece with the major Arab countries Egypt for forty years with Jordan we have now better and better relations we said Goss countries other main main that Sony their countries and I believe that with the help of the international community urging Kerr the Palestinians to come to the table we would very much like to talk about everything we'll always be ready for painful compromises and conceptions were still doing that and you know Israel you use a very small country and we were of the only Jewish state in the world surrounded by twenty two Arab countries is fifty seven Muslim countries and we really have relations of good relations with the most of them also against all odds you know where we came and the you know where is was not very ritual for natural resources and we had to make do with what say we have and I think we've done a tremendous job is what today's one of the strongest economies in the world of high tech start up nation and of course we are very much a happy to to court later incorporates a joint ventures for the region you know it at the middle eastern today is rich with oil occurs scare city Forder and two today is what is the first and the foremost country in the world of reclaiming water off recycling water and this is what we want to do so were we very much here to extend business relations between Michigan and the state of Israel as looking at the economy here there's a lot of compatibility between the the the Michigan industry and high tech in his ruler I am also very honored to a the host of the year hi Mister marker dove itself which is really has done so much for Michigan four Detroit for the state of Israel and this is wonderful to be here and justice standing on that giants shoulder and take you to the next level how do you feel president trump is doing in his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East well I would say you know without getting into politics and I know that this is a very high in the season and politically and I just was listening to your injury before and about that the federal credit debate last night so of course it's not for me to intervene but they're trying to be objective I would say that the trump to claim is not much different than plans that have been presented so far the principle is the same principle of partition that means a Jewish state which we have and H. R. upstate depend policy mistakes and in this is the same principle that has been all along presented by the international community of course the details are a little bit different what I appreciate about the claim that it is very realistic and very balanced because he truly gives for the first time Israel a defensible borders and this is very important for you to keep the peace so they will not be any temptation for attacks in the future as we have experienced in the past so we hope there that the Palestinians will step up we are waiting for them and it's only through negotiation and through a respected off one another it is we can move forward yeah I'm sure with a very divisive Jerry and our election process and you don't want any anymore divisiveness is it what you're trying to do well I'm I'm glad you're in Michigan and I I hope you do well while you're here and that you come away with some win win for Michigan an Israeli with the business and economic efforts in in anything that can be done to bring peace to the region thanks for address on the part of you specially we appreciate you give us some time thank you so much give and it's a pleasure to be on your show and I hope you'll end to any of your viewers to come to Israel they will I can guarantee they will feel at home there thank you very much I appreciate that let's check traffic.

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