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11 innings. WGN traffic on the expressways until weighs inbound and outbound express lanes on the Kennedy are closed. On the Eisenhower, it is 43 minutes from three 90 into the post office. And those are the only two major delays we're looking at right now. 94% of Chicago teachers union's House of delegates voted yes for the newest COVID-19 safety agreement with the Chicago public school system. The sun times reports that'll send the tenant of agreement to the full membership for approval by the end of the week. Two women tossed rocks and broke windows at the second Unitarian church of Chicago in east Lake view yesterday. Apparently taking issue with a message church leaders had posted, saying we support abortion on demand without apology. A federal judge tomorrow will be releasing a redacted affidavit that was used to support the issuing of a warrant to search former president Trump's Mar-a-Lago home for classified documents. The judge, despite his decision, says the government has proved parts of the Abu Dhabi but should be kept confidential. And the firing of the school police chief and Yuval Texas has not satisfied or reassured many residents with its start of the school year around the corner. Pete arradondo was the first officer to lose his post over the fumbled law enforcement response to the May 24th massacre at an elementary school. The forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center, cloudy, humid tonight, scattered showers may be a thunderstorm

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