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We're hearing some signs that financial issues will be part of the talks between President Biden and China's leader Xi Jinping tomorrow with that and other global news let's get to the Bloomberg newsroom and Denise Pellegrini Denise That's right They'll be meeting virtually President Biden and China's leader tomorrow night Washington time and we're hearing that treasury secretary Janet Yellen will be joining President Biden in that meeting Bloomberg Steven engel This is a push by Joe Biden to really escalate these talks to the presidential level Face to face between these two leaders as past meetings over the last year between more junior officials has not really progressed or moved the ball forward really And as for treasury secretary Janet Yellen's participation in the Treasury Department says the meeting will discuss ways The countries can manage competition between each other responsibly and also ways to work together where interests align Taiwan will also be a likely point of contention China hunkering down meantime for another wave of COVID is cold weather sets in Here's one Chinese official through a translator Experts Believed that the control for these winter and the upcoming spring will be more difficult than last year New COVID worries meantime in Europe Austria is putting unvaccinated people in lockdown starting tomorrow and in Germany they're considering calling in troops a crisis meeting is scheduled for this week Possible movement this weekend President Biden's build back better plan Brian dies head of the national economic council says the house will pass the bill this week and send it to the Senate There will reduce the deficit over the long term So we have a fully paid for plan to go directly at the cost that typical Americans are facing And desa and ABC this week occurred here on Bloomberg radio Negotiators from almost 200 countries have clinched a climate deal at cup 26 in Scotland to boost climate targets sooner cut fossil fuel subsidies and also cut coal use according to Bloomberg's Maria taddeo in Glasgow For the first time explicit language that calls for the phase down of coal and other inefficient fossil fuels now than earlier version called for a face out That would have been much stronger language but nonetheless the compromised version ended up being face down Bloomberg's Maria todayo there And of course we can't go along without another scene with Elon Musk on Twitter this time the Tesla CEO having it out with Bernie Sanders the Vermont senator tweeted that the extremely wealthy should pay their fair share in Musk responded he forgot that Sanders is alive and then said he asked Sanders well if he wanted him to sell more of Tesla's stock just say the word and of course Musk sold Tesla's stock last week and that pushed down the share price.

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