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Check out Popcorn Radio on the I Heart Radio APP. Thesent Traffic is sponsored by Macy's A sig alert on the westbound side of the 1 18 is coming up on Rocky Peak there wrapping up with earlier car fire, So they have the right lanes blocked off and you've only got the carpool lane to get by So traffic is They're coming up on Topanga Canyon. Now we have a sig alert in the goddamn passes. Well, south bound, say the 15 freeway just before you get to Ken would. Unfortunately this is a big rig that's on inside. All lanes of the freeway are blocked and traffic is barely squeezing by in the right shoulder. Traffic is jammed solid from the 1 38. Now you can get off in a home boulevard. Use that as your alternative. Don't put you back on the 15 past the crash, but the back of it so bad now you have to actually get to go Home Boulevard first. So the South bound side the 15th definitely going to be a mass coming through the home passed this morning headed for the drive on the westbound side of the 91 coming out of Corona. Pretty steady brake lights air from the 15 await a weird canyon before that improves. Traffic aboard sponsored by Macy's. It's officially fall and officially, Macy's VIPs sale taken extra 30% off the season's top friends from brands like Ink, Calvin Klein and more plus more beauty. Your beauty fades ar 15% off time for a cozy refresh Now at Macy's that your traffic I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning on the weather for three my album..

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