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Prayer last year that was potentially critical of the gop tax bill nbc news walking back a story that said federal investigators wiretap on the phone lines of president trump's attorney michael cohen saying it subsequently learned that the feds were only monitoring the source of calls and weren't listening in the correction gives ammunition to the nation's highest ranked media critic president trump who's frequently criticized the media for fake news involving stories he doesn't like the network attributed its original story to to anonymous sources but then nbc said three senior us officials had disputed the account they said the phones were not monitored by a wiretap but rather a pen register which keeps a log of phone numbers on both ends of the conversation but does not hear the audio convicted coal baron and west virginia republican senate hopeful don blankenship is once again taking aim at senator mitch mcconnell and a bizarre new ad in this one he calls out the majority leader for getting rich because of his chinese wife transportation secretary elaine chao candidate for us senate approves miss swamp captain mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people while doing so mitch has gotten rich in fact as china family has given him tens of millions of dollars mitchell swamp people are now running false negative ads against me they are also shouted asli calling me despicable and mentally ill the war to drain the swamp and create jobs for west virginia people has begun that will be joe mansions and ditch cocaine mitch for the sake of the kids i heard him say quote china people and china family in recent weeks with his poll numbers dropping blank chips repeatedly called out mcconnell in a headline grabbing movie called mcconnell's father in law and father of secretary transportation elaine chao a quote wealthy china person and ran a spot hitting at who he calls cocaine mitch and twitter is advising millions of users to change their passwords the company said thursday that it recently discovered a bug that stored passwords in an internal log in an unprotected form twitter says there's no indication there was a breach or any of the passwords were misused but as a precaution go ahead and change the company says it discovered.

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