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Man who helped his girlfriend stage a robbery to Bank insurance has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charge. Prosecutors say the two stole more than fifty two thousand dollars from opus Bank in October of two thousand seventeen his girlfriend worked there as teller. He admitted to passing notes before. Making off with the money. She's already pleaded guilty. In the case and scheduled to be sentenced later this month. A just released study says there is a dangerous new trend among teenagers CBS's. Vicki barker. The study shows poisoning attempts by ten to eighteen year olds more than doubled between twenty ten and twenty seventeen with girls more likely to try to poison themselves and very young girls. Most likely the number of girls aged ten to twelve taking poison nearly quadrupled. The research was published in the journal of pediatrics woman who is authorized in the UK died after another patients smacked her in the head because she was storing sixty four year old was hit with a Cup which left her with a big gash on her forehead who's about to be released from the hospital but see declines and died a week later attacker. Also tied the door handles with blankets. So no one could come into the room. She had been complaining about her roommate's snoring before it was a rowdy or group at stagecoach this year there were thirty three percent. More arrests at the music festival in Indio compared to last year of the one hundred forty two people arrested over the weekend. One hundred one were detained for drug and alcohol violations. Thirty seven were cited for carrying a fake ID. There were also nearly ninety motor vehicle.

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