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Cox in timi jernigan can be the key players in this game you said on the show c c a few days ago that fletcher cox could be more important than nick falls and i said a crazy the quarterbacks always most important and i still think quarterbacks most important but if there was ever a game where de tackle could be the most important player it's a game or you're playing the pacts in the super bowl and you're and you're going up against their undersized offense of line so i think that competence alston jeffrey can't affect how many times they get to tom brady but that team as a whole needs to feel like oh this scene can be beaten evil they've only been beaten in the playoffs once in the last four seasons how did they do it they got to tom brady yes and you talked about fletcher cox he's just not only a player he's gonna force no meant interior line with their center andrews undersize their two guards are under size fletcher cox forces a double team so even i believe he defeats the doubleteam and has a huge impact on the game but what it allows though it allows the guys outside brandon graham a great rusher off the edge unsung hero this philadelphia defense chris long some of how we long watch for him making a play a strip set because he has that why technique because the middle of the line has to pinch in to build a take care fletcher costs in that inside pressure of him in tim jernigan but outside why they got some special rushers guys it can situational rust so fletcher sets the table but these other guys on the outside allows them to get good matchups and on the other side on the bulls and we're talking about now sean jeffrey quote on the other side of the ball for the eagles offense i think it is really important and iding it plays in their favour that that mystique of the patriots is so much about the quarterback i don't think elche on jeffrey or tori smith or nels nag larzac nerds look at the patriots defense like they've been date super bowls because they haven't they don't look at those guys like these guys are.

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