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Homegrown Yossi got three run shot. He hit twenty three during the regular season. And this may be the biggest homerun he has ever hit with the dodgers. He has had six years of postseason. Experience has had fifty two postseason games more than any other player in franchise history. And that just might have been his biggest hit yet. The chronicles of Yasuko Puig is told by Charley Steiner on L A D five seventy dodgers trying to punch their way back to their second straight World Series. And try to knock out the brewers NHL Sharpton, islander skating in San Jose. That's tied one to one in the first period team. Oh Meyer with the gophers. San Jose is the sharks are looking to make it back to back wins. They've lost three of five overall. And some big soccer news, Lionel Messi will miss at least the next three weeks dealing with a fracture in his right arm. Meaning that he will miss Barcelona's Champions League match against Inter Milan. On wednesday. And even bigger next. Sunday's classical against rival Real Madrid at the big loss for soccer and a big loss for Barscelona in general earlier today, the calbears big winners with a forty nine seven win over Oregon state Patrick Laird a huge day. He had a pair of touchdowns. Well, he rushed twenty two times for just under two hundred yards. Helping the bears to big win there. Four and three on the season. Joe Hughes with sports at fifteen and forty five and all these one six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. Guitar.

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