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Client adviser for details ends January 4th 2021. 10, 48 traffic and weather on the eighth Street, Kessler in the traffic center right now on the Beltway, inner and outer loop, No reported issues through that both Maryland and Virginia. We are still seeing their hearing reports of the mixed precipitation falling throughout the area so that could create challenging roadway conditions. Please do not overdrive. These conditions. Keep your speeds down and give yourself some extra space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you now in Maryland, south down 15 year old Frederick Road all the accident. To be cleared over to the right Children. Travel lanes are open in Thurman 15 year, Maryland 806 could talked in Furnace Road Looks like you're getting by to the right in both directions for that ongoing accident activity. The roadway no longer closed in the district North Capitol Street in Florida Avenue. The crash was under police direction, also seeing some delays on South founder Outbound South Capitol Street trying to head to and across the Douglas Bridge, so watch for anything there. If you're in Virginia eastbound and westbound 66 still no reported problems, things looking good along the jury. Washington Parkway, South bound, coming from the Beltway headed all the way to the 14th Street Bridge. Little bit of a delay eastbound on the Dulles Greenway trying to head through the toll plaza and onto the toll road. So watch for anything there. 95 North and South. No problems between Fredericksburg and Springfield. Also telegraph roads at Buell is street Watch for the police direction there for the wreck. Why buy the meal deal? When you don't want fries or a dental plan? You don't need give a Let's federal workers choose a plan that fits them their needs and budget choose today. Dental savings dot com I'm Rita Kessler. W T. OBY Traffic Storm Team four's Mike's dinner for joining us live as we count the snowflakes, also counting blessings because Mike, you were just telling me parts of Pennsylvania could see up to 2 Ft. Of Snow. Yes, in the areas of Pennsylvania may see 1 to 2 Ft of snow, even.

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