Pope Paul Ryan, Christmas discussed on The Main Event


Qualify for house has nothing to do with your mortgage interest stopped buying into that stuff that you're that you're that you're a political action committee is telling you in a one point the dem's of may well this is going to create more and more the deficit this is sounds like the first time they've ever actually cared about the deficit and i really you know i'm going to concede that point yes if you're if you're bringing in less revenue from people that means that means you're gonna increase your debt well first of all what when we've start focusing on cutting right 'cause we have really got into that yet but start cutting back on expenses and now but but the theory though is the theory is as you said if businesses have to pay less than taxes they can hire more people there's more people contributing more people contributing to the tax base and therefore you actually get a net increase in income that's the theory and it makes sense to me exactly i here's here's what pope paul ryan said on thursday the taxcutting jobs act you know what's making about it's about making jobs grow in this economy it's a lot middleclass incomes going higher this is about giving people the ability to make ends meet in the plan for the future i'm so excited that we're on the cusp of this great accomplishment in of congress x by christmas people are going to see gains very soon yeah we need to stop focusing on how much we saved money on our taxes and concentrate on more how how much is this going to stimulate the economy because you can't give enough tax money back to change anybody's life really well let's just hope they actually get it done it and person i'm not holding my breath you know i hope they get it done but on the fed hey absolutely half if we inspired either you want to say something about this show eight five five six four zero.

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