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These these congressional hearings on the mps whenever here eating being done about it because nobody is nearing for a national anthem that's why that the much bigger story to the networks cnn box and msnbc you know that the much bigger story than actual you know doomsday stuff that north korea would like to do to us so we are i feel like the the power grid so fragile like even in designed zillow squirrel helps to do a transmitter box and fries the whole town for two days seriously that's happened squirrel squirrel the shut down the power grid for like a day so let's go back to you saying i'm in a facebook female if i didn't think that the case at all of this is on our facebook add that our little commercial had like a little humor nigel promo for the afternoon show and it's been viewed me see almost eighty thousand times pretty cool if the one we were talking about these stupid alcohol walls in the state of india you and i are bellied up at the bar coaches tavern talking about the alcohol lost to promote for the show so as did name michael writes in the comments action what are these clowns had a problem with my wife's political views he couldn't talk to her about it but instead pulled out of a charity that she's involved in won't listen to this show anymore clowns now i for saw it unlike what not what are we know what this case talking about what i didn't i didn't pull out of any charity paul washer did i did like a boss now read what i wrote to be fair read what i wrote underneath of his commented this is your explanation of of what this guy's rant was a your wife went on an anti usa rant on social media i told the event organizer long in advance i prefer not to be part of that i thought it was disrespectful to those who have served i do it again every time i didn't make a scene i just dropped out quietly so here's what happened there was a charity event that i was going to be the m c of o k i was gonna host then it was kind of like a bands performing musical type of deal well the front woman of one of these bands when on this.

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