Kim Jong, Dennis, Foreign Policy discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 09-05-2017-072527


That means the foreign policy community is saying we can live with kim jong own having the capability of delivering a nuclear warhead two right now to seattle to portland the san francisco los angeles dennis is that a single community i think a lot of the a lot of foreign policy utter society but that is a choice that is and what i think they're are underestimating is right now he's probably at a point or close to a point where he could attacked several american cities what they haven't dealt with i think it's the reality that in five or ten years he could pose a threat to american society imagine he had 25 or fifteen nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles that could reach david ignatius imagine that he decides to sell this nuclear technology to isis imagine he decides to sell this nuclear technology somewhere else i mean you know it's i i am certainly not advocating anything right now i what i am saying david is what's been the reality that people have not really been willing to strip it down to that's been facing us now for a year or two would certainly was facing barack obama nenew donald trump would face it when he turned the white house over overdoing you either accept north korea as a nuclear power with the capability of nuking los angeles san francisco and portland and selling nuclear weapons to isis are you have a military response there's not really any middleton and all this talk about sanctions really is just.

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