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Football the cover with solid and for garcia owned drag that other foot and good one to do the almost the identical thing was tremendous and those will come hey look these guys haven't been together very long and hoyer's not known for his all man i gotta tell you i there were some positive things to be taken and look you guys know me i get cracked all the time for being occur margin so today i i'm getting heckled a little bake o'hare that the forty nine or lost last night yeah they lost the football game but there in the fight baby and that's what it's all about 707 says seriously peaches the last thing i thought about was the rest david my overestimating the rest impact on the game the trent taylor opri on that fine dr they had a chance to go down a kick a field goal when the damn game that wasn't i didn't see it i didn't see pass interference they learn at all nuttall none at all well like what where did that come from i don't think he was malicious but in nine one six says was that even offensive passenger fearance on trent taylor i couldn't tell from the tv i kept rewinding it it didn't look like op item me and then ted mtm were irate about it over after the game and in fact on the other side dave we'll keep why don't you queue at the trent taylor post game is about four minutes but we won't play the whole thing but we'll kick it off and see what trend had to say about it okay a b i see they're in mantica on hold at 800 it came be are 80 knbr we'll get you on the other side man i look i've just a football guy maybe i got hit with a nice a spike of football hairon maybe that's why i'm so excited but that was fun and we'll continue to wrap about it on these sports leader shower hour on knbr sixty.

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