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This is Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN still ahead here in the opening bell. Megan Dodds will be here from we work midwest to talk a little bit about what's been happening at we work lately. The biggest landlord in the world. Now, we work is more of our conversation coming up after the news but first Vic Vaughn sponsored by Kars for Kids. We'll see more exonerations. This week connected to former Chicago police sergeant turned inmate. Ronald watts hearings begin later today. The court. House at twenty-sixth in cal-. More than a dozen additional convictions are expected to be overturned. Rescuers say these are meant serving time on bad convictions that they were framed by Watson is tactical team Watson one of us. Officers were arrested back in twenty twelve. Both were convicted a union teachers strike at CIC S charter schools in Chicago continues today enters its second week the two sides met last night for contract. Talks those talks failed to result in agreement. Today's picket line is expected to move to the front door the charter schools CEO acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's in Afghanistan today. It's a previously unannounced. Visit says he's there to support ongoing peace talks between Washington and Taliban leaders Virginia. Governor Ralph northern spoke about the racist picture in his yearbook his admission to wearing black face his political future. All in an interview with CBS news is says he thought about resigning, but it's decided he will not step down and calls continued throughout the weekend for Virginia Lieutenant governor. Justin. Fairfax to resign. At least two women accused him of rape both essay through their respective attorneys that they're willing to testify in an impeachment. Hearing denies both allegations is called upon the FBI to investigate. Let's check WGN sports here with Mark karma. Good morning. This sports report. Sponsored by northwestern basketball. Chicago's big ten team. It's the only time the Detroit Red Wings come to the United Center. It was yesterday. And it went as planned hawks five Red Wings to the second line continues to roll dominant Cahoon Dylan Strom, Alex debrincat off contributing again Coon two goals and an assist Roma goal and two assists to break it three assists yesterday as the hawks have won seven in a row for the first time since February to March of twenty seventeen Patrick Kane at a breakaway goal Jonathan as an empty netter. That's his twenty fifth on the season. Rough one for north western who blew a fifteen point second half Li they lose. On the road to Iowa eighty to seventy nine Jordan Bohannon the game winner for the Hawkeyes with point six tenths of a second to go. He scored thirteen points in the final ninety eight seconds of the game. Cats coming on Wednesday to face Rutgers bowls are home tonight versus Milwaukee. And don't miss coach Collins and the cats the new Welsh Ryan arena this Wednesday when they host Rutgers six o'clock purchase tickets now at any sports dot com. I'm Mark Carmen, WGN sports rocking..

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