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Was just like she never cue card to ban. Just kind of got into it. Claire for my friend sherline both know that I mean 'cause that is I tried to learn how at home, I know hearts. Holiday. You know, I just do a few phrases to get into the rhythm of being able to do that when your friend did it when we were staying when we take people to Las Vegas those sun country. Call miss those days, and we have that big beautiful room at Planet Hollywood. And we always have a party for all of the people who traveled with us. And we were down in the access Hollywood lounge extra extra lounger, right? It's called the would have do our shows there and staff and we'd Holly Madison the Karoki at that lounge like every late afternoon really can move her body, and she's a she's a she's got a rhythm in her. And I just thought plus size girl and led to say that people were like back. They were ready to take the Elvis chapel and get bows down. What happens in Vegas clear for a? So here's a little bit about her. Is that her when she was discovered she was on a comedy show really in the UK? So she was on this comedy. And she and twenty ten was recognizes Hollywood's up and coming though, but she's European English. She was born in one thousand nine hundred hundred stocks Stockport England, and she was in first, man. Let your salary. Yes. She played his very best thing in that movie. Yes. And she was married counseling is not going to get nominated for that. Sorry, and she had her first child at thirty Ivy rose and then four months later, she started the crown so she had just recovered before survey was only for divorce from her husband who while they were married ended up getting a brain tumor member that. Yeah, what is gonna add a very busy few years. Yeah. So now last week. Yeah. We met her at the sag awards one for the crown, and she's amazing lovely. She was obsessed with Leonardo capital, go growing up and Jack Nicholson. Yeah. Pair capper is kind of turning into Jack nNcholas. Yeah. It's probably fair kind of fair, by the way. Entertainment Weekly has a rotating cover this week of kind of people who've made over their images and Darren criss from glee. Amazing in the assassination of Gianni Versace, won an EMMY for it. And we call that we knew he would I think Zack Ephron may have the chance in this new movie because he is playing the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy now we've posted the photo of him as Ted Bundy, it's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile, and they're gonna debut the movie at Sundance, okay? The film which follows the life of Ted Bundy is told through the perspective of his girlfriend who had to struggle to accept the reality that she had a boyfriend who she is. She knew nothing about and lily Collins stars as the girlfriend, I love her. I love her love her lover and John Malkovich will star as the judge at the nineteen seventy nine trial in Florida were Ted Bundy is sentenced to death. Remember, he goes into the sorority house. This even though I remember, you know, what's her name the book the book from the lady the Grece wrote the green river somebody hand race not in raised. She wrote books about you wrote the book about the green river killer. Penny. Okay. Who was it something? Well, he was charming articulate, intelligent young, man. He was a law student and what he would do. He was so good looking. He he was convicted of killing and raping several Roman across seven states from nineteen seventy four to seventy eight. They don't even know if they know if they got everybody because these serial killers than it was in the seventies, people hitchhike would always fake car trouble. And he kind of like what happens in silence of the lambs number that. Don't ever help anybody put an don't help guy put anything in a van or car trunk or anything, and he had a nineteen sixty eight Volkswagen beetle actually that is on display the Alcatraz museum and data. See? Yeah. And he met her in sixty nine and they dated for like several years, and he confessed to thirty murders. But the real number is not known. And I mean, if you look at this photo, I'm just wondering if this might give Zach Ephron. Yeah. The ability in the acting world that like Darren criss. He was looking for something after he kinda got peg marked as oh. He's an rule an rule. That was yes rule. It was the stranger beside me Ted Bundy, and it was published in nineteen eighty it was just I remember reading. Anyway, its debut in at Sundance. He threw it out on Instagram. Just would he looks like, and he he's handsome and Ted Bundy was so handsome too. Yeah. So anyway, so if you have been Zach Ephron fan just know that he is. I think you're right, Laura because you know, he's been in a ton of movies. I really thought he showed his acting chops in high school musical one. I know but started out strong for me. Thirty one. He's three. Thirty one years old. I'm twenty six I'm old. Yeah. No, he's thirty. What will you're complaining? No, no. But he's thirty one. And you could see where he would be like every actor is like looking for like something that'll shake them out of this typecasting. Right. I mean. Yeah. Holly. I know you're sitting over there. But typecasting is a very real thing in Hollywood. Oh, absolutely. And so he's going he's gone for remembered the one with Nicole Kidman, the paper. Well, that was his attempt to be indeed to be respected in that way. Another this is at Sundance this is going to be at Sundance. So it could be I our fingers crossed for for him. And then by the way, I just tell you that he was in before high school musical he was in that show, we love summer land. Oh, we love that show Summerlin member. Four. Say no we watched. We love that don't believe you carton. It was filmed, right? Bright carpenter. Santa barbara. It was a great chose only to. He was. He was Lincoln Hairsprays. Yeah. No. This could be really great for him. And by the way, there are photos out there. If you're excited about the share show, you know, the thirty five Broadway show, there's photos of her posing on stage with the three shares of her life Lovett that receivers in a shares. Yeah. So anyway, so that that's going on. Listen, we come back and say for the dirt alert. Mytalk one zero seven one everything. Entertainment. Lori and Julia here for invision distinctive eyewear and the dilemma. Turn show today. If you're out and about near the Galleria, you have until.

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