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Hi i'm vanessa richardson and i'm carter roy welcome to historical figures every other wednesday we discuss a different persons lasting historical impact and impression on the world around them are audio biographies cover big lives but we like to focus on little known facts today we're discussing sir francis bacon if you wanna listen to any previous episodes you can find him on your favorite podcast directory and while you're there we'd really appreciate if you could leave a five star review the now back to the life of francis bacon our subject today was a classic overachiever who climbed about his high as you could in elizabeth and england but would affects us most today is that he also taught us how to think put another way he rebooted the way we approached the world and he pushed us toward a scientific method that made the modern world possible today we focus on sir francis bacon lion of government philosopher scientist and some believe he was even greater than that was he also the real william shakespeare francis bacon was born on january twenty second fifteen sixty one to sir nicholas and and bacon into a family that was well connected to the court of queen elizabeth the first sir nicholas was the keeper of the great seal this title meant he had custody of the actual device that made wax impressions on official government documents this grandsounding title carried with it real powers it made sir nicholas the chief legal officer of the government and primary advisor to the queen francis is mother was accomplished in her own right born and cook circa fifteen twenty eight her father anthony was a night and a one time tutor of the royal family he made sure that an and her sisters receive the best education available which was unusual for the time and was taught by the leading scholars of her day she had a perfect command of latin and greek and she was one of the greatest translators of the era centuries later oxford scholar and chronicles of narnia author cs lewis praised her as one of the best latin translators of all time lady ends duties also extended to the royal court where she served as a lady in waiting to queen elizabeth her son francis bacon was the youngest of eight children his first six brothers and sisters were from sir nicholas's previous marriage and had grown up by the time francis and his older brother anthony were born francis and anthony were raised in the family's country estate in hertfordshire where the two faced a rigorous education high born boys like these were raised to be well rounded statesman who would one day lead england preparation for this began in fifteen sixty five when the boys were around four years old private tutor schooled them at home which was especially important for francis who was often plagued with poor health and had to stay indoors a contemporary curriculum of the time shows a rigorous lesson plan for boys that would shock us today and yet it was just another day at school for upper class boys under the age of thirteen seven o'clock to seven.

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