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I'm tickled the jerry can make a living doing it but it's going to end soon guys the head of gm says cars are on their way out it's going to be a selfdriving world does that make you sad or does it kind of make you excited matt in juneau alaska matt how you doing yeah uh i i think the uh just drifting like we have uh too many places where people are going to have to drive the right deal kohl's without uh something that has a knife uh you know leak to or you can't you can't build a certain city think he'd be automated the way that they are in a big city while june for sure and so i'm i'm thinking they alaska is going to be one of the last to go right uh the the frontier well sure but i mean you've got to think about all the other uh won't be better out there were forty eight i mean every single one of these things the uh you know they they wanna drive there they were to get up in the morning drive their truck to their work as they're not gonna just hit auto i've even be it'll happen but if it does it's gonna be it's because it's not gonna be at our time i mean you could pretty much count on uh it's uh you know it's great they're workinglevel technology and it'll be interesting to see how that works but it's just simply not going to happen around the time well what do you how can you i mean i want to believe you you know but what about bob lutz the head of gm he says look i need free way you can emerge seamlessly.

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